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Beowulf Week 4

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Beowulf Week 4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beowulf Week 4
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  1. Beowulf Week 4

  2. Beowulf Timeline • Start at the beginning of Beowulf’s life and create a linear timeline of his life. At 7 fostered out to King Hrethel Born to Ecgtheow & Hrethel’s daughter

  3. Who is Beowulf really? • Based on everything you have read, create a bulleted list of Beowulf’s character traits so that we can get the full picture of who he is.

  4. Your archetypal place of fear

  5. Comprehension questions • Review of project packet • Review of questions

  6. The Final Battle • Every Epic has a final battle • Offers a final opportunity for the hero to be tested • Allows the hero to fulfill their debts and return to their society with greater insight • Completes their “selfless” journey

  7. Trace the WHOLE journey • We have looked at three separate journeys. Now let’s put it all together. • HINT: start with the abyss. What is the lowest low point and then go from there.

  8. Atonement Definition: satisfaction, reparation, or expiation (to make amends) given for an injury or wrong In what ways has Beowulf lived up to this idea in the poem? What experiences do you have with the concept of atonement?

  9. Character study • Who is Beowulf truly. • Epic hero • King • Example • What lessons have we learned from his poem?

  10. Test • Take out paper and a pen. • Number from 1 – 25. • Please remember to put your name and number in the top right hand corner.

  11. Your turn to brag • Bragging or flyting was necessary in Anglo Saxon times to establish your pedigree and provide your “resume” • You are going to write your own brag (ok groan now and get it over with) • You are going to have to “market yourself” in a variety of ways in the next few years

  12. How will I have to “market myself” • On college applications • On scholarship applications • In job interviews You will have to convince various people that you are the best person for the spot or job at hand – you will have to brag.

  13. The Task • Write your own brag. Remember you have to impress the reader. • Use poetic devices and strong verbs to bring your brag to life. • Focus on one or many areas of your life: you as a student, employee, community service provider, daughter/son, hero etc. • You are not being conceited – you are just focusing on your positive attributes.

  14. Prompt • Brag about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are?

  15. The technicalities • Brag should be at least 300- 500 words long. • MLA format is NOT required.