unwind neal shusterman june 2007 science fiction n.
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unwind Neal Shusterman June/2007 science fiction PowerPoint Presentation
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unwind Neal Shusterman June/2007 science fiction

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unwind Neal Shusterman June/2007 science fiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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unwind Neal Shusterman June/2007 science fiction. Noah S. Class Period 4 SPOILER ALERT! This does give away some key parts of the story. S orry for the inconvenience . Setting.

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unwind neal shusterman june 2007 science fiction

unwindNeal ShustermanJune/2007science fiction

Noah S.

Class Period 4

SPOILER ALERT! This does give away some key parts of the story. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • The setting is in the future. It is in an unknown city, a desert in Arizona, and Joplin, Missouri. A little time is spent in a state home, Conor’s house, and Levis’ mansion.
  • This is Man v Society. The problem is Conor, Risa, Levi, and other kids are going to be unwound (in a way they kill you and use your body parts to help people). There is a conflict about the rights of unwinding or if it should be outlawed, but the main part of the conflict is how will Conor, Risa, and Levi survive.
summary of plot
Summary of Plot
  • Conor, Risa, and Levi are going to be unwound. They have to escape and survive so they aren’t unwound. They make it to the graveyard which Roland tries to take over but he fails. They all get captured but the chop shop blows up, and all the unwinds escape. Eventually Conor ends up doing the admirals job.
  • Try to live a good honest life(unless in Connor’s case where doing the right thing is hiding fugitives ).
  • Text Evidence 1: “Why did you do it Connor?”(when he was surrounded by cops)
  • Text Evidence 2: “and he hated his parents for it” (when Conor was thinking about his parents getting him unwound)
  • Text Evidence 3: “ Welcome to the graveyard. Officially my name is E. Robert Mullard but you can call me Conor”
point of view
Point of View
  • This is told from third person omniscient. It helps the reader understand the characters thoughts. You may understand different parts of the story better or worse if it was in a different point of view. If it was from a different point of view you might not get to read the characters thoughts.
  • I think the baby symbolized that they all could survive if a baby can survive.
  • I think the graveyard symbolized that not everyone liked unwinding
  • I recommend this book because it about kids slightly older than us. It is full of action and difficult choices the characters have to make. Also it has an amazing ending. SO READ IT!!! 
  • I hope you liked my presentation!!!!! 