palermo may 2007 the final meeting and concluding presentations n.
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Palermo May 2007 the final meeting and concluding presentations PowerPoint Presentation
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Palermo May 2007 the final meeting and concluding presentations

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Palermo May 2007 the final meeting and concluding presentations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Palermo May 2007 the final meeting and concluding presentations. How it was What impact it made upon us Sicily & Palermo as seen through the eyes of other Europeans Acknowledgements/Ringraziamenti.

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Palermo May 2007 the final meeting and concluding presentations

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Palermo May 2007the final meetingand concluding presentations How it was What impact it made upon us Sicily & Palermo as seen through the eyes of other Europeans Acknowledgements/Ringraziamenti

    2. The dissimination of resultsin the Palazzo Sterithe difficult preparationsthe entrance of the flags of all the participantsthe opening

    3. The magnificent Palazzo Sterithe struggle with the equipment, the audience and… an amazed watching daughter

    4. Some of the many Speechesthe headteacher, il Rettore, the chairman of the parents board, one of the Italian students

    5. The presentations of the results of our work over 3 yearsby all the delegations+ the post event reports of all the meetings in posters and in p.p.

    6. Before the presentations……during the presentationsand.... The Paparazzi…

    7. After many hours of hard work it was good to have a lunch in the Palazzo finally

    8. Presentation in the afternoon of the project for the Italian national Agency representativesin the Giardino Inglese

    9. Presentation of the Project at the European DayEach delegation in its own National Colour + Speculum logo

    10. It was serious, fun and crowdedin the Giardino Inglese

    11. An interview for the local TVand two of the posters

    12. A few more impressions of the European Day

    13. After all the presentations most of us could relax at Mondello Beachand the beach became coloured by our coloured shirts

    14. A Gala Dinner at the Saracen Holiday Resort on May 9 after the European DayIt was half way the week and we already had a farewell dinner because the Belgian delegation – partly – had to go

    15. It was a major event with a splendid dinner, many speeches……..dancing …….

    16. and…. a………. BIG SURPRISE

    17. A phantastic cake in the shape and form of the Island of Sicily with the Etna as a tower of chocolateand so the splendid party went on and on…. near the Isola della Femmine

    18. Where is Sicily’s most beautiful seashore??Come and have a lookIstituto “Luigi Einaudi” is your host

    19. Zingaro is a quiet Nature Reservepark with the cleanest seawater and the most amazing deep blue sky of Sicily

    20. For the good sports after the museum there was next the climb to the caves (the older generation) and for the others... Well...there was the just the sea of course ... all the time

    21. To see the difference there we also visited the sandy beach of San Vito lo Capoand... Tasted one of the delights of the region:Caldo e Freddo (a very special icecream)

    22. Visit to Agrigento,the Valley of the Temples

    23. After a long, hot and dusty day there was afterwards a refreshing plunge into the waters of San Leone Beach

    24. The last day before departure:a visit to the island of USTICAall the flags of all the participantsand an animated pledge for Ustica by the major and his associates

    25. Waiting for the ferrya walking tour with explanations by the major around the islandand the splendour of its blue waters

    26. Some more pictures of Usticanote the white dot on top of the mountain on the right?It is the CORK of Ustica... it is very important for the islandif you take it away a volcanic eruption will occurand the island is blown away...

    27. Unfortunately one of these two gentlemen stepped upon a sea-urchin and the other was caught by a jelly fish- why they always only get us - ?they asked themselves

    28. While most of us prefered to stay on the island a few others enjoyed a boat tripthrough the bottom of the boat one could gaze at the sea life

    29. Travellingthe buses were always kindly provided for by the hosting school… there often was lots of singing - initiated by the coordinator – but… sometimes one has to sleep

    30. Eating and drinking is one the most interesting activities for foreigners when visiting Italythe lunches had been provided for by the school and for dinner we always were their GUESTSuch an untold and unbelievable HOSPITALITY...


    32. A TREAT AT SCHOOLWITH OUR THANKS TO all THE WONDERFUL Italian colleagues involved

    33. While travelling there were many couples

    34. Like these ….and….

    35. These...…loving couples... And..

    36. …... singing and dancing couples

    37. And many walking couples

    38. Speeching and talking couples

    39. The posing and eating couples

    40. And so on... And so forth...

    41. And many, many more...

    42. There was lots of talking and discussing

    43. And time to look at some of the marvels of Sicily’s nature

    44. Some more of Nature that was interesting for us, people from the North

    45. Just a few Palermo snapshots by some visitors

    46. And a few more… the last one is a view on the “piazza dei 13 vittime “ where our hotel Ponte is located

    47. What you can do in Palermo

    48. The crazy traffic at day and night in Palermo is what amazes a visitor most -– for us it is like looking at dodgems at a fairwe – as delegations - even made bets who would see an undamaged car first…below at the right a car we think is typical for Palermo

    49. The story of our project • How did it start?

    50. Take a hospitable Italian coordinator