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Map of Stalingrad and battle. Another map. video. German Operation blau. Summer campaign of 1942 Voronzeh fell on July 6 2 groups involved are A( Maxmillian von Weichs ) and B( Siegmond W. List)

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German operation blau
German Operation blau

  • Summer campaign of 1942

  • Voronzeh fell on July 6

  • 2 groups involved are A(Maxmillian von Weichs) and B(Siegmond W. List)

  • Main goal was to cature Rostov, Stalingrad, Don and Donnets valley, and most importantly the oilfields in the Caucasus

Blau continued
Blau continued

  • Germans conquered caucasus and came within 70 miles of the caspian sea

  • Hitler intervened and sent troops to all over and had a now very thin line that was stretched too far that depleted resources and fuel

  • Hitler ordered to NEVER surrender

  • Relied on german aircraft to drop men and supplies, while soviets had air supeiorty

  • Germans used airlift for operation to get things they need arilift operation failed due to capture and destruction of main air bases

Russian operation uranus
Russian operation Uranus

  • Counterattack to the germans in stalingrad

  • Troops were always 50 yards away from the germans so that the artillary would have a hard time

  • General Zhukov was main person in charge and Chuikov was the original general but taken over by him

  • Was able to stop german airlift by destroying their base at Zverevo

  • and captured Pitomnik the main airfield(major turning point in battle)

More facts
More facts

  • Lasted from july 12 to February 2

  • Stalingrad is know known as Volgograd and has a population of over 1 million

  • Many see it as the turning point of the eastern european theater