classroom management elementary 2 nd grade n.
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Classroom Management Elementary-2 nd Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Classroom Management Elementary-2 nd Grade

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Classroom Management Elementary-2 nd Grade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classroom Management Elementary-2 nd Grade. By: Sydney Broussard. Portfolio Page 1. the Rules & rationales. Use kind words when talking to others. Rule 1. If there is not kindness in a classroom, it can become a very chaotic and a negative environment for the students.

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Classroom Management Elementary-2 nd Grade

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portfolio page 1
Portfolio Page 1

the Rules & rationales

rule 1

Use kind words when talking to others

Rule 1

If there is not kindness in a classroom, it can become a very chaotic and a negative environment for the students.

How I will teach this rule?: If a student is saying unkind words to another student I will have them move their name badge to the next zone. (Explained in slide 9)

rule 2

Respect the property of your classmates and their personal space.

Rule 2

If there is negligence of respect for the property or personal space of a student by another student, that leads to a volatile classroom environment.

How will I teach this rule?: Depending on the severity of the property/personal space violation, I will either give them a warning or immediately call home/the principle.

rule 3

Try your best!

Rule 3

Students need to try their hardest in order to succeed, and this skill will apply to them throughout their lives.

How will I teach this rule?: If I know a student isn’t at their full potential I will help them the best that I can, and try to inspire them to do their best.

portfolio page 2
Portfolio Page 2

Classroom layout & rationale

classroom layout
Classroom Layout



Reading Area

Zone & Sticker Charts




Sign in/out sheet


Problem student







(Pencil Sharpener)







rationales for my room
Rationales for my Room

The students sit at tables because I don’t like the box-type desks most 2nd grade classrooms have, it also allows for break-sessions for them to get the needed things out of their cubby-holes when changing lessons/activities.

I placed the problem student near me and an excelling student so when I ‘PRAISE A NEARBY STUDNET’ it might rub off on him.

I also Placed the esol student near the front and with an excelling student to help them if need be.

the ese student is near the front.

I placed the supplies/pencil sharpen in the back and near my desk so there will be less class interruptions and so I can keep track of student’s work.

The students are in teams of 4 to increase learning capability. I also plan on having learning games/lessons, so it saves time to already have them in groups.

My desk is in the back of the room so I’ll be able to watch over all of the students better.

portfolio page 3
Portfolio Page 3

Rewards & Consequences

rewards consequences

Every student has a name badge. They all start off in Zone 1 (dark green) everyday, if a student breaks a rule they have to move it one zone. If they stay in the “green zones” (1,2,and 3) for a whole day, they put a sticker next to their name on the sticker chart. When they have 10 stickers next to their name, they can chose to either: get something out of the prize box or receive a “no homework pass” (they can’t get more than 3 a quarter).

Rewards & Consequences

The Zone Chart

Zone 1: Excellent behavior!

Zone 2: Warning!

Zone 3:The Quiet Corner

Zone 4: Loss of sticker on chart

Zone 5: No recess

Zone 6: Call home

Zone 7: Meeting with me, the student, the students parents, and the principle.

portfolio page 4
Portfolio Page 4

Routines & Procedures

how my students will handle
How my students will handle…

Passing out papers: I will choose 2-4 random students (or volunteers) to help me pass out papers.

The Restroom: Elementary schools have bathrooms in the classroom, but my students will use a sign in/out sheet.

Getting Supplies/Books: I will say, “ Who ever have the longest hair (etc.) come get this for your team.”

Dismissal: The last 5 minutes of the day they can do whatever they want (as long as it isn’t bad of course).

Turning In Work: There will be 2 color-coded bins on my supplies table where they will turn in work (labeled homework and classwork).

Attendance: I will check their seating chart. If I am unsure if a student is here, I’ll just say, “Is so-and-so here?”.

Sharpening Pencils: They will sharpen their pencils when I’m not actively teaching (I will have pencils to lend to them).