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Language Proficiency Assessment System (LPAS). Bringing Technology to the LPAC Process. LPAS Training. Welcome. LPAS Training Agenda. Purpose and Function Development of LPAS Resources for LPAS LPAS Procedures for Teachers LPAS Procedures for LPAC Chairs

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Language proficiency assessment system lpas

Language Proficiency Assessment System (LPAS)

Bringing Technology to the LPAC Process

Lpas training
LPAS Training


Lpas training agenda
LPAS Training Agenda

  • Purpose and Function

  • Development of LPAS

  • Resources for LPAS

  • LPAS Procedures for Teachers

  • LPAS Procedures for LPAC Chairs

  • Future Development of LPAS Features

Lpas purpose and function
LPAS Purpose and Function

  • Improve compliance in the LPAC process

  • Reduce paperwork

  • Reduce time

  • Provide checks and balances and guidance in completion of required documentation

Development of lpas
Development of LPAS

  • Collaboration between Bilingual Education/ESL Office Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • Piloting of LPAS

  • Ongoing improvements

Resources for lpas
Resources for LPAS

  • For Teacher

    • Computer (PC or Mac)

    • Internet Access

  • For LPAC Meeting

    • AISD Computer (PC or Mac)

    • Internet Access

    • LCD Projector

    • Printer connected to Computer

Lpas procedures for teachers
LPAS Procedures for Teachers

  • Logging-in

    • Access to classroom only

  • Forms

  • Navigation

  • Saving Documents

  • Opening Documents

Entering student data
Entering Student Data

7. Scroll


8. Click on L1:Home Language Survey to begin a new form for a student.

Thuy Le

Juan Garcia

Entering home language survey
Entering Home Language Survey

Show Log allows you to view the log of who has entered data for the student and the date it was entered.



*****If you return to the Search Page without saving,

all of your data will be lost.*****

Saving student data
Saving Student Data

Juan Garcia

Required fields
Required Fields

If you did not complete all of the required fields and you selected “closed” you will get error messages.

Click on Back to Search Page to return to the student list

LPAS will not allow you to start a New Entry form until you have closed and saved the student’s Home Language Survey.

New entry form
New Entry Form

Forms that have already been completed for students will appear in the far right column for “Review Existing Form(s)”. Click here to open and view the form. Do not click on the forms in “Add New Forms” unless you are creating a new form to replace ‘existing’ form because there is an error.

14. Click on a the

L2.1: New Entry Form in the “Add New Forms” Column to continue completing information on the same student.


Clicking on a form in the “Add New Form” column will open a new form for a student. If the same form already exists, in the “Review Existing Forms” column then a second form is created. Both forms will always remain as existing form. You should only open a 2nd new form if you have made an error on the original and the form is now at the “closed” stage.

Thuy Le

Juan Garcia

New entry form1
New Entry Form

Juan Garcia

New entry form3
New Entry Form

This section is only seen by the LPAC Chair with LPAC Chair level access.

Lpac forms
LPAC Forms

A link that says L2.1: New Entry Formshould now appear in the far right column (Review Existing Forms) for this student

Thuy Le

Juan Garcia

Helpful hints
Helpful Hints

  • Careful when scrolling down using the scroller on the mouse-changes. It may change drop-down menu selections.

  • Open previously started forms from the far right column, “Review Existing Forms” not the center column “Add New Forms”

  • Review documents before selecting “closed-form cannot be modified, but allows adding new child forms”.

Lpas procedures for the lpac chair
LPAS Procedures for the LPAC Chair

  • Logging on

    • Access to all campus data

  • Forms

  • Navigation

  • Holding an LPAC Meeting on-line

  • LPAC Meeting Paperwork

  • Entering Parental Approval/Denial on LPAS

Holding an lpac
Holding an LPAC

7. Click on L1: Home Language Survey in the far right column to open an existing form for a student for review.

Thuy Le

Juan Garcia

Holding an lpac meeting
Holding an LPAC Meeting

Review HLS Form information with LPAC, then click on Back to Search Page…

Juan Garcia

Holding an lpac meeting1
Holding an LPAC Meeting

Click on

L2.1 New Entry Form

Thuy Le

Juan Garcia

Holding an lpac meeting2
Holding an LPAC Meeting

Review New Entry Form information with LPAC.

Juan Garcia

Lpac signatures
LPAC Signatures

Thuy Le

Click on L14 and print for LPAC signatures


Click on brochures and print to send home brochures with Parental Notification form

Entering approval denial
Entering Approval/Denial

  • 1. Log-in to LPAS

  • 2. Click on L2.1/L2.2 New Entry Form for the student

  • 3. Enter parent decision

  • Complete Parent Approval received

  • Signed by

  • Parent Signature Date

  • Date received by campus

Select “closed-form cannot be modified” and then “Save”

Lpac chair responsibilities
LPAC Chair Responsibilities

  • Monitor the entry of Home Language Survey information in SASI.

  • Monitor the entry of new students in the LPAS system

  • Remind teachers to proceed with LEP assessments and enter student information in LPAS in a timely manner

  • Follow-up with districts for student information for entry into LPAS

  • Schedule and hold LPAC meeting for students within 20 days of their arrival to AISD

  • Follow-up with parents on Parental Approval/Denial paperwork

Lpac chair responsibilities cont
LPAC Chair Responsibilities (cont.)

  • Enter Approval/Denial information in LPAS

  • Ensure that LPAC minutes, L14, Home Language Survey and Parent Notification form is filed in LPAC Records.

  • Ensure that HLS and Parent Notification originals are filed in student’s green LEP/ELL folder.

  • Ensure that the parent receives a copy of the Parent Notification Approval/Denial form that they signed.

Lpac chair responsibilities cont1
LPAC Chair Responsibilities (cont.)

  • Send a photocopy of Home Language Survey signed by the parent and the Notification of Approval/Denial form signed and dated by the parent to Sara Madero in the Bilingual Education/ESL Office.

Future development of lpas features
Future Development of LPAS Features

  • Student History link in “Review Existing Forms Column”

    • LEP History

    • Assessment History

  • Link to AIMS for past and present test data: TELPAS, TAKS, Benchmarks

  • Link to Attendance and Discipline data

Future development of lpas features1
Future Development of LPAS Features

  • Completion of TAKS Assessment decisions and documentation in LPAS

  • Completion of Annual LPAC Reviews, “L7s” online

  • Links for LPAC chairs to run reports

  • Link in LPAS to Camille Longoria’s e-mail for questions and suggestions

Questions and suggestions
Questions and Suggestions

Contact Camille Longoria at:

[email protected]