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FYSA Restructure

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FYSA Restructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FYSA Restructure
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  1. FYSA Restructure Proposal

  2. History The current structure of FYSA has served us well over the past 39 years. The 4 regions and 20 districts were conceived when FYSA needed a physical presence within defined geographical areas. Each district was to represent an equal number of players. Other than face to face communication, FYSA’s only other means of communicating with its members was our magazine, Touchline, which was printed monthly.

  3. FYSA Current Organization Chart

  4. Reasons for Proposed Change The structure that has served FYSA so well in the past has now become cumbersome and slow to react to conditions and needs of the modern world. Now that the world is “connected” through the internet, email, text messages and social media communication between FYSA and its members is now live, real time and almost instantaneous. Communication and registration needs once served at the district level with face to face interaction is now handled electronically.

  5. Proposed FYSA Restructure The twenty (20) District Commissioners would be replaced by sixteen (16), up to four per region, Regional Administrators which would be appointed by the Regional Vice President. They would not be members of the Board of Directors. The duties of the administrators would be determined by the needs of the region. Some of the areas that have already been identified are: Registration, Competitions (Region Cup, etc.), Finance and Governance (hearings, etc.). These administrators would be brought in for extensive training in their area of responsibility. The concept of districts would be eliminated and teams would be identified by region only.

  6. Proposed FYSA Restructure Continued The position of FYSA Registrar would become and appointed position and would remain as a voting member of the new Board of Directors. The position of Referee Liason would become and appointed position and would no longer be a member of the Board of Directors.

  7. Proposed New FYSA Organizational Chart