the yellow wallpaper
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THE YELLOW WALLPAPER. by: Charlotte Perkins Gilman. About author. Charlotte Perkins Gilman was an American sociologist, novelist, and writer of short stories and poetry. She was quite an feminist writer and most of her stories include feministic subject.

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the yellow wallpaper


by: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

about author
About author
  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman was an American sociologist, novelist, and writer of short stories and poetry.
  • She was quite an feminist writer and most of her stories include feministic subject.
  • She has lots of achievement, but undoubtedly, The Yellow Wallpaper is the most important work of her at all. It is a psychological story that describing her time into the madness.



the yellow wallpaper1
The yellow wallpaper
  • In her all works, the most famous one and also best remembered work is The Yellow Wallpaper which she explained her situation about her illnesses, and the oppression of her husband and her husband’s sister for her health. She also changed people’s mind about the position of women in society.
  • Narrator, never mentions her name, is a lover of writing, but because of her illness her doctor prevents her to write and work. Despite her doctor and husband, she keeps writing secretly. The story is beginning with the description of the house that she stays for a summer to become healthy again.
The house is described positively but the narrator always says that there is something qureel with this house which will make her mad at the end of the story. She always talks to her husband, John, that she doesn’t want to stay at the house that makes her feel worse but he just laugh at her and says relax and believe you will be good again. He always tries to control her.Even though it disturbs, she knows that her husband loves her so much.
At the room she stays, there is an yellow paper on the wall which irritates her so much. By the time she is alone, she focuses on the yellow wallpaper. The woman figure on it makes the narrator become obsessed with the yellow wallpaper more. She wants John and Jennie to remove it but they refuse. They seem queer like the house and she decides not to say anything them about her thoughts. Being at room all the day makes she mad day by day. She starts to think about the woman figure. She thinks, at nights the woman creeps on the wall to escape.

Everyone in the house, thinks narrator is going well each day but it isn’t the fact.

The only reason that causes the situation is behaviors of her husband. He prevents her doing anything. Last days in house, she is almost mad but no one notices it.
  • Previous day from last day, John goes to stay in the town and she stays alone at room with the woman on the yellow wallpaper. She locks the door and throws the key from window, and doesn’t want to have anybody in until John comes. Then she uses ropes to tie woman if she tries to run.
Because narrator thinks that the woman is creeping at nights. But to reach the wall, she needs something to be on it but she can’t find and tries to move the bed until it hurts her. Until morning, she waits for the woman figure and thinks about it. At the morning, John comes and begs her to open the door but she says she can’t. Now, everyone knows that she is all mad. When he achieve to open the door, he finds her creeping madly. When he faints, she continuous creeping over him.
her psychology and comments
Her psychology and comments
  • Oppressions on her and prohibits make her worse day by day. The quotes at the end of the story indicate her psychology to audiences. For example “ I’ve got out of at last in spite you and Jane. And I’ve pulled off most of the paper, so you can’t put me back.” With this quote, we can say that she compares herself and the figure. The wallpaper is the block for the woman that prevents her get out and her husband is the block of her like wallpaper that prevents her doing everything.
While writing this short story, she was also influenced by her life. That’s what makes story real. It also represents the feministic rights.
  • Also, the story was made film by Logan Thomas.