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Cousin Kate

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Cousin Kate
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Cousin Kate

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  1. Cousin Kate Learning Objective: To understand the structure of the poem, and to explore in detail the way different characters feel, and how different characters are hurt throughout.

  2. Starter Highlight and annotate the poem. In your groups discuss what you think the poem is about, we will be asking you about this so make sure you do it properly! You will have 10 minutes to do this….

  3. You will have 15 minutes to answer these.. questions • Who do you think is the persona of this poem, and why? • Why do you think Kate gets the title? and What does the familial ‘cousin’ add to the title? • Do you think the Lord in this poem used the young girl at the beginning , and led her on? • How do you think Kates cousin feels at the beginning of the poem and do you think she feels the same way at the end of the poem? • Do you think that it was fair that the Lord used Kates cousin, and then went on to marry Kate?

  4. You will have 20 minutes to do this task… Main task • In groups of 4, prepare a short role play showing the love triangle between Kate, Kates cousin and the Lord. Show in your role play who the Lord chooses out of the two. Explain why you think the Lord chose Kate and not Kates cousin, and give reasons as to why he didn’t choose Kates Cousin. The 4th person in the group will be the person talking to the class after the role play has been performed. • remember to show in your acting the different characters emotions and the way they would have felt. E.g. by facial expressions and movements.