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Seven Years’ War

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Seven Years’ War. The Great War for Empire. French & Indian War. What does this passage mean to you? ‘ In a sense, the history of the United States began with the fall of Quebec and Montreal: the infant republic was cradled on the Plains of Abraham ’.

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seven years war

Seven Years’ War

The Great War for Empire

French & Indian War


What does this passage mean to you?

‘In a sense, the history of the United States began with the fall of Quebec and Montreal: the infant republic was cradled on the Plains of Abraham’

france vs great britain
France vs Great Britain
  • King William’s War,1689 – 1713
    • France vs GB
    • part of a bigger conflict b/w France, GB & Spain for trading rights
  • British victory -1713
    • control of northern Canada,
      • Nova Scotia (Acadia) & Newfoundland
    • 40 years later will cause the migration of Acadians ‘cajuns’ to French held Louisiana
    • Est. a 50 year period of salutary neglect by GB of its American colonies
      • GB will not need to enforce Navigation Acts

War of Jenkin’sEar-King George’s War (1739-48)

  • Small part of the conflict in Europe known as the War of Austrian Succession
  • Purportedly Instigated by Spain (1731)
    • attacked British merchant ship & tried to reneg on slave trade agreement w/Britain
      • Cut off Capt. Robert Jenkin’s Ear

French & Indian War, 1754 - 1763

    • Began in NA, but spread to Europe, Africa & the Philippines (Seven Years’ War)
    • British colonists wanted to expand into the Ohio Valley, but France needed to control this area to link Canada to the Mississippi Valley
    • 1754 Albany Congress set up a plan of union to help defend the colonies against Indian/French attacks
causes of f i war
Causes of F&I War
  • Iroquois end trade w/France & give trade concession to the British (1748-)
  • French build forts in the Ohio Valley
  • VA Gov. Dinwiddie sends militia (led by G. Washington) to challenge French presence
    • French attack Fort Necessity, Washington surrenders
  • GB declares war
    • Early battles at Ft. Duquesne (F&I win)
    • Quebec City (GB win)* ultimately leads to British victory in the Americas

Indian territories, 1754

Iroquois Confederacy –Mohawk, Oneida, Seneca, Cayuga (GB allies)

Huron, Algonquin (French Allies )

effects of the f i war
Effects of the F&I War
  • Treaty of Paris (1763)
    • France gave control of lands east of the Mississippi & Canada to GB
      • Iroquois & other interior tribes lost the ability to play rival European nations off each other
    • Pontiac’s War –Ottawa chief led tribes against British settlers in Detroit, killing more than 2,000
      • British retaliated with inflicting smallpox on Indians
      • GB establishes the Proclamation Line
      • settlement west banned in order to work out potential conflicts w/ Indians west of the Appalachians
bacon s rebellion was triggered by
Bacon 's Rebellion was triggered by:
  • New and heavy taxes in the backcountry
  • Disfranchisement of freemen and Indian policies
  • Government mismanagement
  • A slave uprising led by Nathaniel Bacon
  • Establishment the Dominion of New England
the stono rebellion was
The Stono Rebellion was:
  • A. A slave revolt that erupted in New York City in 1741
  • B. A labor strike by African American bricklayers and carpenters
  • C. As large and as devastating as Bacon's rebellion
  • D. An example of slaves' anger at their treatment and permanent servitude
  • E. A battle b/w back country farmers & the elites

of Virginia

the largest social group of virginians in the 1670s were
The largest social group of Virginians in the 1670s were

A. Plantation owners

B. Small farmers

C. Merchants

D. Indentured servants

E. Slaves

the first great awakening led to all of the following except
The first Great awakening led to all of the following EXCEPT:
  • Leaving established churches
  • The renewed persecution of witches
  • The growth of institutions of higher learning
  • A flourishing of the missionary spirit
  • A greater appreciation for the emotional experiences of faith