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Plugged in Places Yorkshire & Humber. 7 October, 2010 Matthew Lumsden, Managing Director Future Transport Systems Ltd 0191 2431621, 07909 681334. Problems. Increasing greenhouse gas emissions Declining air quality Increasing congestion

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Plugged in places yorkshire humber

Plugged in Places Yorkshire & Humber

7 October, 2010

Matthew Lumsden, Managing Director

Future Transport Systems Ltd

0191 2431621, 07909 681334


  • Increasing greenhouse gas emissions

  • Declining air quality

  • Increasing congestion

  • Increasing noise

  • Quality of life costs

  • Productivity costs

  • Health care costs

  • Biodiversity costs

  • Etc…

  • Part of the solution….electric vehicles

What s happening in the uk

Joined Up Cities infrastructure integration work

Plugged in Places successful Phase 1 infrastructure projects

Plugged in Places expected Phase 2 Infrastructure projects

Major electric car trials

What’s happening in the UK?

Over the last 24 months several major initiatives have been launched in the UK. These are primarily intended to trial and demonstrate new technologies and de-risk integration and compatibility issues

Lead funders

  • Technology Strategy Board (TSB) – Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Program – the major vehicle trials

  • Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) - Joined up Cities – integration research

  • Plugged in Places – Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)

  • Cenex – Infrastructure Grant Program – smaller projects not shown

  • Commercial vehicles – Low Carbon Vehicle Public Procurement Programme – not shown

Yorkshire humber
Yorkshire & Humber

  • Had a choice.

    • Do we just stand back and see what happens?

    • Or do we be leaders?

  • Obviously we favour the latter

  • Plugged in Places infrastructure funding

    • This will provide 50% funding towards the capital costs of EV charging infrastructure

    • But includes other strands

Plugged in places yorkshire humber

A sustainable electric vehicle charging infrastructure for Yorkshire and Humber.Improve transport connectivity, emission levelsand quality of life.

Project figures
Project figures Yorkshire and Humber.

  • ~ £3.0m Plugged in Places Project

    • ~ 500 public charge points

    • ~ 250 domestic charge points

    • 4 + rapid chargers

  • ~ £3.5m ERDF Distributed Energy project

  • £25-30m Smart Grid project – CE Electric Ltd.

Opportunities Yorkshire and Humber.

  • Nationally significant project

  • Regionally important project

    • Start to develop a charging infrastructure

    • Define what you need or want to test

    • Test technologies

    • Trial vehicles

  • Supply chain opportunities

    • Hardware & services

    • Broader business opportunities

  • Raise your profile as an environmental pioneer

  • Research & Development opportunities

  • Funding – unlikely to be repeated

What differentiates our project
What differentiates our project Yorkshire and Humber.

  • We are focussing on the business models

    • How do you make an EV charging infrastructure work commercially?

      • If you are a retailer, an employer, a business park, a car park operator a council etc.

    • If we can solve this problem we will lead the UK.

  • Yorkshire & Humber is so diverse that it has a lot of characteristics that can be transferred around the UK

  • Yorkshire and Humber is an infrastructure hub

    • Ideal to test rapid charging on the A1, M1, M62, M18 etc.

  • Domestic smart grid project

Key elements
Key elements Yorkshire and Humber.

  • Workstream 1 - Core infrastructure development

    • Public and private sector sites

  • Workstream 2 - Market development

    • Co-ordinated approach to getting EVs on the roads

  • Workstream 3 - Research & development

    • Consumer perceptions, infrastructure needs, transport network implications

  • Workstream 4 - Supply chain

    • Help broker opportunities

  • Workstream 5 - Distributed Energy

    • Fund pilot projects, R&D, implementation

  • Workstream 6 - Smart grid

    • Understand the impact of EVs and other technologies

  • Workstream 7 - Rapid charging

    • Arterial and other locations to meet needs

Modelling Yorkshire and Humber.


Hull Yorkshire and Humber.












Regional infrastructure

Charge points to build confidence and as insurance Yorkshire and Humber.

Charge points to meet specific regular travel needs

Charge points to support variable travel requirements

Rapid charging

Home charge points

Based on demographics and travel mapping

Links with other transport infratructure

Aligns with policy

Regional Infrastructure

How can you be involved
How can you be involved? Yorkshire and Humber.

  • Be a part of the project

  • Tell us if you are using or planning to use EVs

  • Tell us if you are interested in considering EVs

  • Let us know if you would like a charge point on your site.

  • We would like to know your travel patterns so we can plan the distribution of charge points

    • sign up to the project so that we can involve you when we are ready to collect more data.

  • Let us know if you are interested in the Reaserch, R&D or supply chain opportunities

  • In the short term we have letters of commitment

  • There are many unknowns

Timing Yorkshire and Humber.

  • OLEV will have their funding confirmed in the spending review – October 20th

  • The bid will be submitted on October 29th

  • We should receive the go ahead by the end of the year

  • We can start work and acrue recoverable costs straight away but cannot claim funding until April 1st.

  • The project will run for 2 years +

Many thanks

Many thanks Yorkshire and Humber.

Matthew Lumsden, Managing Director

0191 2431621, 07909 681334