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Amanda Hensley. Ed 417. American History. The American Flag. 3 rd Grade. Objectives. The third grade students will:. *understand the importance of the pledge of allegiance. * understand the symbols within the American flag . *increase their patriotism for America .

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American History

The American Flag

3rd Grade

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The third grade students will:

*understand the importance of the pledge of allegiance.

* understand the symbols within the American flag.

*increase their patriotism for America.

* *gain knowledge of the history of the American flag.

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Web Sites

The Flag of the United States

The Betsy Ross Homepage

Happy Birthday America

The American Flag Page

Flag Day Quest

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Materials Needed:

Construction paper


Long paper for timeline

Access to the internet

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Web Sites



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Web Sites

1. A Closer Look at the Pledge of Allegiance

The students will be divided into five groups. Each group will be given a line of the pledge of allegiance to examine. The students will look up underlined words in a dictionary to find out what they really mean. (pledge, allegiance, republic, indivisible, liberty, justice, etc.) Each group will report their results to the class. Together, the class will summarize what the pledge means and why we say it.

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Web Sites

2. The History of Our Flag

After the class has studied the American flag, students will each be given an important time in the flag’s history. As a class, the students will decide how to piece the information together in the order that they happened. Once everyone agrees on the correct order, the information will be placed on the timeline that will remain in the classroom.

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Web Sites

3. Symbols

The students will learn about the various symbols the flag has, and what they represent. By searching the internet, they will find another important symbol for America. They will share their results with the class.

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Web Sites

4. Flag Acronym

The students will write an acronym for the word FLAG based on what the flag means to them.

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Web Sites

5. A Collage of Flags

Eachstudent will be given a variety of materials to use as they each create a flag that represents themselves. They can include pictures, words, or any symbols they believe in.

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The flag is an important symbol for the united states of america l.jpg
The flag is an important symbol for the United States of America.

  • What is a symbol?

  • Can you think of any other kinds of symbols?

  • Do you know of any other American symbols?

Where did our flag come from l.jpg
Where did our flag come from? America.

  • Most people think that Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag in 1776, the year America was born.

The flag has changed many times throughout history l.jpg
The flag has changed many times throughout history. America.

  • The country used to only have 13 states. The first flag had 13 stars and 13 stripes, for each of the 13 states.

  • Some people made different versions of the American flag.

When new states were added to our country the flag would change l.jpg
When new states were added to our country, the flag would change.

  • This flag has 15 stars and 15 stripes.

Stars and stripes l.jpg

The government decided to make 13 stripes because there were thirteen original states.

A star would be added for each new state that joined our country.

Stars and Stripes

Our flag today l.jpg
Our Flag Today thirteen original states.

  • Today our flag has 50 stars, 1 for each state.

  • It has 13 stripes for the 13 original states.

The pledge of allegiance l.jpg
The Pledge of Allegiance thirteen original states.

  • We show pride for our country every time we say the pledge of allegiance.

  • How else do we show pride for our country?

Flag day l.jpg
Flag Day thirteen original states.

  • June 14th is National Flag Day.

  • Many people display their flags all year long to show the pride they have in their country.

Displaying the flag l.jpg
Displaying the Flag thirteen original states.

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Other Web Sites Used in this Presentation thirteen original states.