how to uninstall winstep nexus dock and its components n.
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How to uninstall winstep nexus dock and its components PowerPoint Presentation
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How to uninstall winstep nexus dock and its components

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How to uninstall winstep nexus dock and its components - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to uninstall winstep nexus dock and its components

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  1. How to uninstall WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK and its components

  2. WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK is under the category of Adware that many computer users find annoying when installed on the computer. This program arrives on Mac system along with freeware or shareware. Users are often unaware that free software now comes as bundles. They are downloading what they taught are useful program, but never they realize that there are collection of adware with it. So, WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK is not the only PUP you may get from freeware. The bundle may also include variants like WebShoppy, My ShopBot, and many others.

  3. Some computer users who bumped into WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK are mostly those that do not mind online security. A simple anti-malware program can guard your online browsing and block internet traffic that it finds suspicious. Above all, it is still better to rely on known and reliable program rather than compromised your computer’s security with costless application such as WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK.

  4. WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK is a browser extension made specifically for Google Chrome browser. It claims to give user access to top entertainment and TV sites via Chrome Tab. Upon installation, WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK will change new tab and default search settings. The adware also adds some links on the home page and toolbar, which it state as useful.

  5. With thorough study, it was discovered that WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK is the source of excessive advertisements and browser redirect. In fact, this adware originates from The Whiz, known maker of several potentially unwanted programs. Sports Hero, Games Hero, and GameOn are among its products.

  6. WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK issues contextual ads in various formats. It may show pop-up ads, banners, in-line, redirects, or full-page endorsements. The safety of these ads is still in question. There are reports that malware authors are exploiting this ad campaign to distribute malware or adware. Thus, be cautious when clicking links delivered by WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK extension.

  7. How to uninstall WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK and its components

  8. . Deactivate WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK Via Task Manager • • Right click WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK icon in system tray and select exit option in the list. • • Right click the taskbar on the bottom and then click Task Manager. • • Select WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK associated processes if they still run on the background. • • Click End task button to terminate WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK processes one by one.

  9. 2. Activate WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK Default Uninstaller • For Windows 7 users: • • Access to Start>Control Panel>Uninstall a program to open the removing panel. • • Scroll through to locate WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK, right click on it and then click Uninstall button.

  10. For Windows 8 users: • • Right click Start menu and select Programs and Features option in the list. • • Highlight WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK with one click and click Uninstall to begin the uninstallation.

  11. For Windows 10 users: • Click Start> All apps, and scroll down to find WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK in the list of installed programs. • • Right click WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK, select Uninstall option, and click Uninstall in the pop-up window. • • Follow the uninstall prompts to remove WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK, and then restart your computer.

  12. Part 2: Delete WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK Leftovers Manually • Delete Leftovers in Disk • • Head to Start>Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Folder Options, and then select the View tab.

  13. Check the "Show hidden files and folders" in Advanced settings and click OK. • • Click This PC on the desktop(or press Windows + E ) to open File Explorer. • • Type WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK in the Search Bar and wait a few seconds for scanning result. • • Identify WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK components in the result and delete them permanently.

  14. 2. Delete Leftovers in Registry • • Go to Start > Run, type "regedit" and hit Enter to launch Registry Editor. • • • Click Yes if you are prompted to give confirmation in UAC dialog. • • • Press Control +F together to open the Find box and then type WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK there. • • • Hit Enter (and then F3) to locate the entries associated with WINSTEP NEXUS DOCK. • • • Right click on the keys or values and choose delete option in the list.