closing time what to do when your building is closing forever n.
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Closing Time What to do when your building is closing forever PowerPoint Presentation
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Closing Time What to do when your building is closing forever

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Closing Time What to do when your building is closing forever - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Closing Time What to do when your building is closing forever. Bill Zimmerman, Residence Director Indiana University of Pennsylvania. What is Residential Revival. Facts and figures Began in January 2006

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closing time what to do when your building is closing forever

Closing TimeWhat to do when yourbuilding is closing forever

Bill Zimmerman, Residence Director

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

what is residential revival
What is Residential Revival
  • Facts and figures
    • Began in January 2006
    • 12 Residential buildings demolished in 5 years
    • Completed in 4 phases
    • $270 Million in demolition and construction
    • Public/Private partnership with the Foundation for IUP
    • Ended in August 2010
my role
My Role

Closed 2 areas

Esch Hall,

Closed 2008

Scranton & Lawrence Halls, Closed 2009

  • Opened 1 New area

Wallwork Hall, Opened in August 2009 on the site of Esch and Wallace Halls

before the building closes
Before the building closes
  • Closing the office
  • Preventing Damages
  • Celebrate the building
  • Staffing issues
closing the office
Closing the office
  • Get organized
    • To do lists
  • Recycling items
    • Games, equipment, office items, furniture, etc.
  • Purging
    • what items can be disposed of
  • Packing
    • Boxes or plastic storage
  • Storage of items until a new building opens
    • Where are these items being stored
    • Coordinate with the future RD of the building
preventing damages
Preventing damages
  • Holding them accountable
    • “But the building is coming down”
    • Room paining story
  • Keep it in doubt
    • The economy and funding
    • Plans change
  • Vigilance
celebrate the building
Celebrate the Building
  • Closing bashes
    • Our normal end of the year cookout with a twist
  • T-shirts
    • FREE
    • Student designed
  • Allow them to make their mark in a controlled way
    • The Block Party
displaced staff
Displaced Staff
  • Live in staff being displaced
    • Living arrangements
    • Consider items such as laundry and meals
    • Storage of personal items
  • Offices
    • Identify space to work while construction/demolition occurs
    • Don’t forget about phone/computer access
  • Student Staff
    • Make sure quality staff members are hired in other areas
during move out and the week after
During move out and the week after
  • Damage/theft control
    • Trash piled up
    • Thefts did happen
  • Pack the office
    • Label boxes correctly (what it is, where it is going)
    • Have a staging area if you can
    • Remember you’re still open
  • Identify storage areas in other buildings
  • Who is inheriting what items
    • Let your colleagues know what you have
    • Move items out early if you can
prepare apartment moves
Prepare Apartment Moves
  • Help to those who live in with moves
    • Facilities was great with trucks, vans, and furniture.
  • Set dates and make sure all are aware:
    • Contractors
    • Maintenance
    • Staff
    • Bottom line… Communicate
  • Quality of life
    • Food
    • Laundry
after you m ove to temporary spaces
After you move to temporary spaces
  • Remind all you have moved and where they can find you
    • Office
    • Apartment
  • Plan for the Opening of your new building
    • Contact staff to update on progress
    • Take preview pictures for your staff
    • Create a to do list
      • Office Set up
      • Signage
      • Consider new tasks you may have (i.e. common area spaces)
  • Getting the keys
    • Labeling is important
  • Testing items
    • Keys (do they work, do you have enough)
    • Plumbing (run sinks, toilets, etc.)
    • Lights (turn them on)
    • Swipe accesses (check the system, learn to encode)
  • Punch lists
    • Sometimes it isn’t 100%
staffing pattern
Staffing pattern
  • Make initial plans early (during your selection process)
    • RA/CA numbers
    • Locations
  • Office locations/layout
    • Business office
    • RD/ARD offices
  • Re-evaluate in the future
    • You can add based upon needs and budget
mr murphy
Mr. Murphy
  • A/C can fail
  • Access system issues
    • Programs not working well
    • Swipe locks can have issues
  • Make sure your contractors and maintenance staff are there for support
  • Allow live-in staff input in the process
    • Design (spaces, furniture, colors)
    • Staffing
  • Save resources by recycling
    • Offices need start up supplies
  • Eliminates clutter
    • We can become “pack-rats” use this as a time to cleanse
  • Plan and be flexible
    • Make lists
    • Do things before you have the building (ex: condition forms)
  • 501 C 3 donations
    • Organizations are appreciative and its less to dispose of
if we had to do it again we would
If we had to do it again we would…
  • Communicate more effectively during demolition
    • Improved phase after phase
  • Schedule a move during a schedule power outage
    • Logistical nightmare
    • 50 students impacted
    • Received a personal apology from the President and a gift card
  • Starting under-staffed
    • Not idea but we made it work
    • Ratios are much better (60:1 vs. 90:1)

Bill Zimmerman