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  1. Instructions This PowerPoint presentation contains 10 questions for Benchmark B of the History standard tested on the Grade 5 Social Studies Ohio Achievement Test. These questions cover the benchmarks for grades 3, 4, and 5. The grade, standard, and benchmark for each question is listed in the top right corner of each slide. An answer analysis for every question (visible only to the teacher) explains what knowledge students need to have to arrive at the correct answer. Use these slides to review a specific benchmark, or download additional slides to create a comprehensive review for the Grade 5 Social Studies Ohio Achievement Test. If you’d like to print the slides with analyses, choose “Notes Pages” from the “Print What” pull down menu on the Print Screen.

  2. 4.H.B What group did the powerful Iroquois force out of the Ohio country in the 1600s? A. Fort Ancient people B. Hopewell people C. Adena people D. Paleo-Indians

  3. 4.H.B What is the name of the first group of people to settle in the Ohio Country? A. Fort Ancient B. Hopewell C. Paleo-Indians D. Delaware

  4. 4.H.B Historians believe that the Adena were the first real farmers in Ohio. List two crops that they probably grew.

  5. 4.H.B Prophetstown was the village founded by Tenskwatawa in 1808 on the Tippecanoe River. The Battle of Tippecanoe occurred there in 1811. Explain why this battle was important.

  6. 4.H.B After the Revolutionary War, Americans started to explore land west of the Appalachian Mountains. Why did Native Americans attack American settlements in Ohio in the late 1700s?

  7. 5.H.B Quebec was located in an area that made it a popular trading spot. What item was traded the most there? A. spices B. fur C. gold D. jewels

  8. 5.H.B Why were Native Americans living on the Plains mainly hunters? • The desert climate made it hard to farm. • There were many bison in grasslands. • They did not know how to farm. • They lived in a tropical region.

  9. 5.H.B Why did the Iroquois practice slash-and-burn agriculture? • They lived in a desert. • They lived on a plain. • They live in a forest. • They lived in the Arctic.

  10. 5.H.B Before America was colonized by Europeans, many groups of Native Americans lived on the continent. How did early people adapt to life in North America?

  11. 5.H.B Before America was colonized by Europeans, many groups of Native Americans lived on the continent. Explain the effects of Spanish voyages to the Americas.