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Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme w ithin European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007 - 2013. Objective of the Programme.

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Cross-border Cooperation Programme

within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument

2007 - 2013

Objective of the programme
Objective of the Programme

To make the wider border area an attractive place for both its inhabitants and businesses through activities aimed at improving the living standards and investment climate.

Programme area
Programme area

  • Estonia: Kirde-Eesti, Lõuna-Eesti, Kesk-Eesti; adjoining area: Põhja-Eesti

  • Latvia: Latgale, Vidzeme; adjoining areas: Riga City and Pieriga

  • Russia: Leningrad region, Pskov region, St. Petersburg City

Priorities of the programme 1
Priorities of the Programme (1)

Priority 1 Socio-economic development

  • Fostering of socio-economic development and encouraging business and entrepreneurship

  • Transport, logistics and communication solutions

  • Tourism development

Priorities of the programme 2
Priorities of the Programme (2)

Priority 2 Common challenges

  • Joint actions aimed at protection of environment and natural resources

  • Preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage and support of local traditional skills

  • Improvement of energy efficiency


Priorities of the programme 3
Priorities of the Programme (3)

Priority3 Promotion of people to people cooperation

  • Development of local initiative, increasing administrative capacities of local and regional authorities

  • Cooperation in spheres of culture, sport, education, social and healthcare

Status of the programme
Status of the Programme

  • Ongoing negotiations with the European Commission to reach an agreement on the Application Pack for the first Call for Proposals

  • Provisional timing for the launch of first Call for Proposals is end of June

  • Launching Conference of the Programme will take place on July 14 in Riga

  • Application Pack will be published on the programme website as soon as the Call will be launched

  • Applicant seminars will be organized in the participating countries after the launch of the Call


Contact information
Contact information

Phone: +371 6750 9520

Email: [email protected]