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Cite Checking & Research Tools, fall 2011

Cite Checking & Research Tools, fall 2011. What do reference librarians do?. Faculty research = most important Admitted to a bar? 6 of the 10 of us = JD, bar admission, & MLS Tenure track for library faculty Most of us are tenured Publishing = vital to that process

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Cite Checking & Research Tools, fall 2011

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  1. Cite Checking & Research Tools, fall 2011

  2. What do reference librarians do? • Faculty research = most important • Admitted to a bar? • 6 of the 10 of us = JD, bar admission, & MLS • Tenure track for library faculty • Most of us are tenured • Publishing = vital to that process • Time is of the essence for us too.

  3. You will be wearing 2 hats as journal or law review staff members: As cite checkers, you will be preparing papers of prominent legal scholars for publication. As note authors, you will be doing your own original research. The focus of this presentation is 2-fold. Your approach to research changes depending on which hat you are wearing.

  4. General library logistics • Photocopy privileges? • 2 copiers have access codes for journals • in Bound Per & B2S; ask your editors. • Carrels? • Most unreserved; some reserved through Buildings Management, not the library • Contact Ron Brown/Ref for limited exceptions • Checking out books? • In your own name only • Exception to the rule (ONLY for our books) • Fines? • Yes, here & at Bobst, unless exception #2 supra is in effect, here only, and then your editors get fined.

  5. Finding Books • Start with JULIUS, the online catalog • Named after Julius Marke, who was library Director from 1945 to 1982; appointed by Arthur T. Vanderbilt. • Three call number systems @ NYUL: • Most call numbers are from the Library of Congress • In LC classification: K = law; KF = U.S. law • LC class letters came from Thomas Jefferson’s library at Monticello • Call numbers for older materials begin with NYUL and are located in specific places. • Our own unique system; created by Julius Marke. • Shelved separately from LC call numbers • SuDoc Numbers: for government documents • also shelved in specific places separate from LC • JULIUS locations are linked to library maps

  6. Library home page The 1st 2 links under RESEARCH: Julius Online Catalog and Books, Journals & Databases, take you to the same screen.

  7. Find Books & More

  8. Search options in JULIUS Title= EXACT title Subjectis not a good starting place

  9. Subject is an electronic version of these 5 books. LCSHs are a controlled vocabulary used by cataloging librarians

  10. Ex.: Author search for Reid, John Phillip This book was catalogued under 2 LCSH’s; if you click on the first…

  11. The 9 other books you see when you click on the link are all conceptually related to the Reid book This is the best way to find books relevant to your note topics,once you have even one useful book.

  12. If you clicked on LCSH #2, you will want to LIMIT your search…

  13. Best options for limiting results: Year & Words in TITLE

  14. CALL # isn’t enough: you need a “LOCATION” if STATUS is AVAILABLE. Don’t bother. Try Bobcat or WorldCat Click on the location link

  15. The links go to a map that opens in a separate window; the specific location you need is in color. Your LC call number, OC981.8.C5.D47 2008, falls after the KF’s NYUL call numbers won’t be with the N’s in the LC system NYUL quarantine

  16. We have 6 levels & 22 JULIUS “locations”: imagine you are on W. 3d looking north on Sullivan St.

  17. More on books: • If your book is in JULIUS but STATUS = unavailable, remember: librarians can recall books. • How can you tell if a faculty member has it? • Overdue books can also be recalled from students • You can “hold” a book at Circ Desk • If we DNO, first use BOBCAT, the main library catalog • Link to it from JULIUS • Register your ID there to check books out • NB: If available at Bobst Library, do not order thru ILL • Your request will not be honored. • Other NYU libraries • If registered at Bobst, New School checkout = OK • Nocheck out at some NYU libraries; use ILL.

  18. BOBCAT

  19. BobCat got a makeover on 8/18/11

  20. Beyond NYU: if speed is a consideration • Columbia Law (Diamond) Library & Fordham Law Library at Lincoln Center: • Will admit you if you show your NYU ID card. • You can read & photocopy, only; no checkout privileges • NB: Columbia’s Butler Library, will not honor your NYU ID • Other NYC law school libraries: green letter • NYC non-law (e.g., Butler) libraries: METRO referral card • Request METRO cards and green letters at the Reference Desk • NYPL: you must show valid ID for a library card • There is no obligation to go anyplace but Bobst.

  21. Only one book is necessary, not 3. Visit close to the date issued. Check the catalog. Link to local law library catalogs from JULIUS, or WorldCat NB: the book may not be on the shelf despite its STATUS If you need several passes at the same time for different libraries, we are glad to oblige. NB

  22. Other local law library catalogs:

  23. (Mostly) local law libraries

  24. You need only one title that is NOS here, for whatever reason. Once you’re in, you can access anything. METRO Referral card for non-legal libraries: visit w/in 2 weeks of the issue date.

  25. Finding ARTICLES: for a cite check • First: analyze your citation: • Book chapter, or journal article? • Use Bieber’s Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations for non-legal abbreviations (your Blue Book won’t help).

  26. Request it at the Reference Desk

  27. Articles, cont. • NB: JULIUS will not find titles of articles, ever. • Or chapters in books, unless included in the JULIUS record; try Google Books advanced search • JULIUS Title for journal name is searching: • Print & microform journals, here • Electronic journals, here + through Bobst Library • TITLE: harvard law review = 26 hits, b/c includes HUP, etc. • ##7-11 = paper, mform, & 2 records for electronic access • Find Journals & Articles: Journal Title • Searching harvard law review = 6 databases w/inclusion dates • NB: Not all e-journals are in PDF, or even full text • Abstract or html only for recent articles = typical • * Quicker, more targeted than a JULIUS title search, supra • Date ranges may be more generous than displayed • Caveat: check BobCat for bound copies of older, multidisciplinary journals, before using ILL • Some databases do not appear; WL, yes; LN, no. • Check individually: e.g., Ingenta, Wilson

  28. Find Journals & Articles

  29. Ex.: Title begins with: ‘environmental law’ ENVIRONMENTAL LAW

  30. Retrieves 33 titles; for exact title, use “Title equals” (1 hit) • JULIUS link is to our paper subscription • Dates of inclusion vary by database • Journals may be in a variety of formats • Some databases may have older issues in pdf, recent ones in html

  31. Finding articles: for your notes, by subject • LN & WL: • Don’t access enough journals for serious research • Are primarily legal, not multidisciplinary • Legal scholarship = not purely legal any more • Full-text is convenient but not comprehensive • Indexes: • Give access to many multidisciplinary sources • Improve the quality of your research • Increase the likelihood that you will be published

  32. Legal & multidisciplinary article indexes:use the Article Finders drop-down

  33. Major legal indexes, online and paper: • Article Finders: Law Only contains, inter alia: • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, 1960-current • Soon to be published by HeinOnline, in print & electronically • Legal Periodicals Fulltext (WilsonWeb): 1981 forward • Legal Periodicals Retrospective (WilsonWeb): 1918-1981 • LegalTrac: 1981 to present • HeinOnline: from vol. 1 of hundreds of journals in pdf & much more • Current Law Index: v.4(1983)-v.25(2004), bound • Legal Resource Index (Electronic Companion to Current Law Index), on WL from 1980 • Legal Journals Index: 1986-current on WL; indexes UK & EU journals. • Current Index to Legal Periodicals(CILP) (over 300 journals) • On Hein, 1945-2011 • From NELLCO thru JULIUS, 1999-current • On WL, most recent 8 weeks

  34. E-journal collections:From JULIUS, Journal Title, just click SUBMIT:browse alpha list of collections; browse journals by subject, or by title; or find a journal title • NB, e.g.: • Business Source Premier (click Choose Databases) • Cambridge Journals Online • History Cooperative • Kluwer Journals Online • Kluwer Law International • Oxford Journals • Sage subject collections (business, humanities, social sciences, science, technical, medical) • Most of the journals in these collections are not on either Westlaw or Lexis.

  35. EJournals & subject searching

  36. SelectEarth & Environmental Sciences: Ex.: Law, Politics & Government (JL&PP) Business & Economics (JL&B) Earth & Environmental Sciences (ELJ)

  37. Environmental Sciences has 266 journals

  38. Once inside the journals’ provider sites, you can browse or search by fields.

  39. FYI: Unbound issues on B2 South are often too recent for online access; no map link for B2S

  40. Find Databases: by name, subject, country/region, type, & alphabetical list

  41. Access Bobst’s Multi-Disciplinary e-Resources from Subject

  42. Click the Resource Name link…

  43. …for DB & E-Journal Searching,updated 8/18/11

  44. Re. Bobst: from Bobst Library click FIND RESOURCES: Virtual Business Library

  45. The VBL is also a physical place, on Bobst’s 6th floor. • Useful for company, financial, industry, economic & statistical info.

  46. Passworded databases, scenario #1: ex.: New York Law Journal NEW YORK LAW JOURNAL Click GO TO PASSWORD PAGE

  47. Log in with your netID and PW, for the list of PASSWORDS FOR ONLINE RESOURCES. (NB: Most DBs are not passworded for members of the NYU community.)

  48. Passworded databases, scenario #2:ex.: Jutastat A few, very expensive databases have restricted access. We will log you on at a public terminal in the Main Reading Room.

  49. If NYU doesn’t have what you need: • Remember other NYC law & non-law libraries, including NYPL • Going elsewhere may be faster than ILL if you have a deadline. • Does your journal have rules about going to other NYC libraries? Check with your editors. • ILL may not solve your problem…

  50. Caveats to Interlibrary Loan: • ILL is not instantaneous • Can take 2-3 weeks • Limitations on ILL acquire-able materials: • Books available at Bobst • We will order books owned by other NYU libraries. • We will order books checked out at Bobst, too. • U.S. libraries, only; no international borrowing • Materials NYU owns in any format, including microform, pdf, or e-book • Volumes in multi-volume sets • Rare books or other non-circulating materials, from reserve or reference collections • Newspaper articles if not available electronically

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