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Mastering: Best Practices

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Mastering: Best Practices. Dr. Jonathan Lochamy Georgia Perimeter College. Outline. I. Course Implementation II. Technique III. Student Tracking. Course Implementation: How I use Mastering. Pre-Class Reading Enforced

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Mastering: Best Practices

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mastering best practices

Mastering:Best Practices

Dr. Jonathan Lochamy

Georgia Perimeter College


I. Course Implementation

II. Technique

III. Student Tracking

course implementation how i use mastering
Course Implementation:How I use Mastering
  • Pre-Class Reading Enforced

Students take a chapter quiz beforewe cover the chapter in class.

  • Pre-Class Instruction

Students complete 3-5 activity segments before class.

Tutorials are the best activities!

how others use mastering
How others use Mastering
  • Post-Class Instruction

Activities and tutorials can clarify difficult concepts.

  • Pre-Test Assessment

Chapter quizzes and independent test bank can give early warning to student who is about to do poorly.

  • Blended Approach

Some activities before class, some after, and tutorials due by test time.

course implementation activity selection
Course Implementation:Activity Selection
  • Prioritize Activities

Tutorials/Coaching >Activities >>>Naked Questions

  • Determine Time-on-task

Using provided estimate, I limit to 45 minutes in a face-to-face class. Longer for Hybrid and On-line.

course implementation grade impact
Course Implementation:Grade Impact
  • Mastering is Homework. Weight this as you would a homework grade.

In my class, 30 minutes of activities and a 10-minute quiz are worth 10% of the final grade.

  • It must be part of the course grade.

Ungraded or “bonus” point formats do not see significant student use. Particularly not used by the weak students who need it most.

grade impact
Grade Impact
  • Give a drop grade.

Love your students, love yourself, give them the value of one chapter’s worth of points back at the end of the semester.

  • Do not take excuses and reopen assignments

See that drop grade above? That’s why it is there, for emergency “absences.”

technique assignment settings
Technique:Assignment Settings
  • First Principle: Homework, not a test.

All decisions about assignment settings should be based off this principle.

  • Second Principle: Teaching, then assessing.

The primary goal of Mastering is to accomplish instruction, not assess final progress. Assessment (grading) should be targeted towards formative, not summative.

formative assessment
Formative Assessment

A formative assessment lets the student know what she does know and doesn’t know, before a test.

  • exposes misconceptions
  • targets specific student errors
  • warns the instructor of train wrecks before-hand
technique question editing
Technique:Question Editing
  • Some assignments are good, but you dislike one question or part.
  • Simple Editor allows removal of offending question or part. Allows you to still use the activity.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time creating your own questions.
student tracking just in time teaching
Student Tracking:Just in Time Teaching
  • Regurgitation of a textbook is boring to you and to students who did the homework.
  • Gradebook allows you to see where students had no problem (skip) or many problems (cover).
  • Adapting a lecture like this is called Just in Time Teaching (JITT).
student tracking student intervention
Student Tracking:Student Intervention
  • Students often show up at the midpoint asking, “What can I do to make a better grade?”
  • Gradebook allows you to target a failing student before the first test.
  • Color pattern tells more than just looking at total points.
presentation complete
Presentation Complete
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