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Customer Satisfaction Survey Attica Hotels

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Athens-Attica Hotel Association January 20 13. Customer Satisfaction Survey Attica Hotels. Dr. Aris Ikkos , ISHC. International Setting. Economic crisis. Athens. Economic crisis. Barcelona. Economic crisis. Rome. % change YTD Dec 2012/2011. The Mediterranean cities of

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customer satisfaction survey attica hotels

Athens-Attica Hotel Association

January 2013

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Attica Hotels

Dr. Aris Ikkos, ISHC

change ytd dec 2012 2011
% change YTD Dec 2012/2011

The Mediterranean cities of

Athens, Lisbon, Madrid and

Milan show dropping

occupancy and room rate

levels comparing Year-to-date

December 2012 with 2011.

Athens clearly shows the highest

drops, especially on occupancy.

The city of Barcelona is showing

increasing occupancy levels as

well as ARRs.

Source: GBR Consulting, Smith Travel Research

athens compared to 4 main mediterranean competitors ytd dec 2012 2011
Athens compared to 4 main Mediterranean competitors YTDDec 2012 & 2011


Occupancy (%)


Source: GBR Consulting, Smith Travel Research

ytd dec 2012 occupancy arr levels
YTD Dec 2012: Occupancy & ARR levels

Athens and Thessaloniki show very low occupancy

levels and ARRs compared to other European cities.

hotel industry performance in greece change ytd december 2012 2011 in
Hotel industry performance in Greecechange YTD December 2012 / 2011 in %

Athens is experiencing a very

difficult year, while also the

hoteliers in the category

“other cities” suffer losses

compared to last year,

especially in terms of room


The resort hotels overall

perform on par with last year,

with regional differences.

OCC: -13.4%

ARR: -7.8%

Source: GBR Consulting

room revenue ytd dec x 1 mn
Room Revenue YTD Dec (x 1 mn €)




€ -47.4 mn (-37%)

€ -9.9 mn (-34%)

€ -5.8 mn (-58%)

On basis of 28 operating hotel the period 2007-2012 5*: 12, 4*: 10, 3* & 2*: 6

More specifically, the 5 star hotels lost 37% of revenue in 2012 compared to

2007, the 4 star segment 34% and the 3 star segment an astonishing 58%.

Source: GBR Consulting

international tourist arrivals at main airports
International Tourist Arrivals at main airports

Athens, YTD, Dec.

In Greece per region, YTD, Dec.

-927,000 arrivals (-27%)

Overall, international tourist arrivals have

stabilised in Greece, with the exception of

Athens, where international arrivals declined

almost 11% comparing 2012 with 2011.

Source: SETE

attica tourist satisfaction survey
Attica Tourist Satisfaction Survey
  • Method: Questionnaire
  • Sample:
    • 2012: ~1,500questionnaires, collected July– November2012
    • 2011: ~1,200questionnaires, collected July– September2011
    • 2010: ~1,700 questionnaires, collected June– September2010
    • 2009: ~2,000 questionnaires, collected July– September2009

With the support of:

  • From Athens Hotel Association Members, 2* to 5* hotels
  • Presented results by major source country of Athens are based on the weighted average of 4 years questionnaire results with the exception of the following items:
    • crisis influence (2012 only)
    • social media (2012 & 2011 only)
    • pick up as a transportation option (2012 & 2011 only)
  • Sample (number of questionnaires over 4 years): USA 1,358, France 325, Italy 176, United Kingdom 417, Germany 220, Australia 346, Spain 232, Cyprus 309, Canada 289 and Greece 487.
arrivals overnights by major source countries at hotel like accommodation in attica 2010
Arrivals & Overnights by major source countriesat hotel like accommodation in Attica (2010)

2 nights line

Average length

of stay: 2.2 nights

Other Asia

Source: Hellenic Statistical Authority

fastest growing source countries
Fastest growing source countries

Comparing arrival data 2010 – 2005 for Attica, Brazil, Argentina, China and Russia show the highest growth rates of +187%, +157%, +105% and +45% respectively.

The market share of these four countries has grown from 3.4% in 2005 to 6.0% in 2010.

Source: Hellenic Statistical Authority

crisis influence per source country
Crisis influence per source country

Did you pay any special attention to the Greek economic crisis

during the preparation of your trip to Athens?

Overall, 37% of respondents indicated that they paid special attention to the Greek

economic crisis during preparation. Americans, Australians and British paid most attention. However,

respondents are those that did decide in the end to travel to Athens. About 56% did not pay any

special attention.

crisis influence per source country1
Crisis influence per source country

Did you have any worries that developments in Greece could impact your trip?

Overall, 26% of respondents indicated that the developments in Greece could impact their trip to

Athens. The Australians, Americans, Canadians and British were most worried. About 66%

indicated that they had no such worries.

perception of safety in the city
Perception of safety in the city

Rating on a scale of 1 – 10 on Safety in the City(1 = totally inadequate; 10 = excellent)



It becomes clear from the above graph that the perception of safety is consistently much lower rated

by the Greeks and Cypriots, namely below the mark of 5.5, while the foreigners with the exception of

the Italians in 2010 and 2011 rate it above and often well above the mark of 6.

overall assessment recommendation
Overall assessment - recommendation

The Greeks are very negative in their overall assessment of Athens compared to the major foreign

source markets with a mark of 6.8. As a result, 89% would recommend Athens, which is again the

lowest percentage compared to the major foreign source markets.


Total expenditure per day (€)

Value for Money

social media usage
Social media usage

Percentage of travellers using social media in general

Percentage of usage of three main social media platforms by nationality


Preference for a particular month to visit Athens per nationality

age profile
Age profile

Biggest group of travellers

customer satisfaction survey attica hotels1

Athens-Attica Hotel Association

January 2013

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Attica Hotels

Dr. Aris Ikkos, ISHC