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Title. Short one line description. Need to provide picture for here. Company Logo 1. Company Logo 2. 6 to fix relevant icon. TOP TIPS for Completion.

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Short one line description

Need to provide picture for here

Company Logo 1

Company Logo 2

6 to fix relevant icon

top tips for completion
TOP TIPS for Completion
  • The aim of these case studies is to help others replicate the great work going on to prevent waste. When completing, think about how you can make it easy to follow so others can understand and replicate in their own businesses. Use these tips to help:
  • Keep it short and simplify whilst presenting the key points
  • Manipulate the deck to suit the data you are presenting. If you don't have enough info to fill a slide, incorporate it elsewhere. If you have too much for 1 slide, make it 2.
  • Where possible, quantify the waste being caused in volume and cost figures – support with charts/graph
  • Use pictures and images to support the information you are presenting, helps others visualise the situation and is more engaging
  • Try to breakdown what you did into easy to follow process steps

Please send the completed case study to ecr@igd.com

what was the issue
What was the issue?

Insert Picture/photo/chart/graph to depict the problem that needed to be fixed

  • Provide a description of the problem that was fixed – how did you identify the problem?
  • What were the impacts on waste – quantify where possible
  • What were the other negative effects of the issue
what we did
What we did

Insert 1 big flow diagram of the process if you have one

  • Describe the action that you took step by step. What process did you follow? Who did you need to involve?
  • Include any alternatives considered here if not enough to include a full slide
  • How long did the project/process take to implement?

OR include pictures to represent different process steps

alternatives considered
Alternatives considered?
  • What other solutions to the problem did you consider?
  • Why were these options less attractive to you than the one you opted for?
  • In what circumstances might you recommend the other options?

Insert Picture/photo/chart/graph

challenges obstacles
  • What challenges or obstacles did you face in implementing the solution? How did you overcome them?

Insert Picture/photo/chart/graph

results achieved
Results Achieved
  • What was the impact of what you did on preventing waste? How much was saved?
  • What were the additional benefits of the project you undertook? In addition to preventing waste did you improve processes or ways of working, form new relationships, make waste more visible, train/educate the team? Think about the wider impact of what you achieved.

Insert Picture/photo/chart/graph to depict the saving that was made

next steps further info
Next Steps/Further Info
  • What are the next steps of the project/process?
  • Was there anything you identified during implementation you are going to focus on next?
  • Is there any further information that would be helpful to the reader?