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►ISLES Faculty Guide ELEM, MIDG, SPED. Significance

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Faculty Guide ELEM, MIDG, SPED

  • Significance

    • Exemplary practices will be presented as refinements are made to the model for scaling up to other teacher education programs within the college. Examples of some of these exemplary practices will be presented as well as the process of how these were determined and disseminated in the curriculum reforms and infrastructure supports during the scaling up.

      • edTPA Conference, NC

      • Chapter proposals

      • AACTE 2014 proposal

      • AERA 2014 proposal

  • Introduction

  • A VGR model was piloted during 2012-13 in the elementary education program. Video segments of typical K-5 classrooms were used in conjunction with a structured classroom observation instrument to focus subsequent classroom observations. This model will be piloted in special education, secondary (BITE, ENED) and birth-kindergarten programs in the upcoming academic year.

  • 2012-2013 ELEM

  • 2013-2014 ELEM, BITE, BK, ENED, SPED

Using Video Segments to Enhance Early Clinical Experiences of Prospective Teachers: Implementing Video Grand Rounds (VGR)ELEM, BITE, BK, ENED, SPED July 2013

  • Implications

  • Results from the pilot will be used in program evaluation and change with implications for teacher education programs. Continuing research will be conducted on practices that are effective and how best to implement and embed the Video Grand Rounds model in a coherent, challenging curriculum.

    • Curriculum:

      • BITE

        • Will explore use of iBooks to package VGR materials for online courses

      • ELEM

        • Will implement VGR in upper level coursework

    • Collaborations:

      • TQP Instructional Coaches

      • Partnership East

      • Local classroom teachers

  • 2013 Refinements

  • Revised protocols to include Subject-Specific sections and common edTPA language

  • Creation of a structured debriefing protocol

  • Updated syllabi to reflect 12 hours of VGR and 4 hours of classroom observation; debriefing sessions after each video in the VGR and after the 4 hours of observation in the field

  • IRB amendment to include other program areas

  • TaskStream updates in Early Experience portfolios for each of program areas piloting VGR

  • Selection of appropriate videos for each program area

    • Requesting access to use uncut videos from Teaching Channel

    • Trimming locally recorded lessons for use

  • Updated Practicum Reflection essay, Final Exam questions, and Course Survey

  • Created JR 1 and Jr 2 VGR in ELEM

  • Kristen Cuthrell, Elizabeth Hodge, Barbara Brehm, Shari Steadman, Kathi Wilhite, Joy Stapleton

    East Carolina University

    College of Education

    College of Human Ecology

    • Next Steps

      • Implement VGR in fall and spring

      • Collect data in TS and code students

      • Analyze data and make recommendations for refinement and additional scaling up