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Alain Arnaud, CEO PowerPoint Presentation
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Alain Arnaud, CEO

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Alain Arnaud, CEO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alain Arnaud, CEO. Ground displacement monitoring using radar satellite images Alain ARNAUD, CEO. InSAR motion mapping. Results. Second measurement (afterwards ). Radar satellites. First measurement. Ground movement rate maps. Superimposition of waves to detect differences.

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Presentation Transcript

Alain Arnaud, CEO

Ground displacement monitoring

using radar satellite images


insar motion mapping


Second measurement (afterwards)

Radar satellites

First measurement

Ground movement rate maps

Superimposition of waves to detect differences

In terferometric


S ynthetic

A perture

R adar

High resolution radar system


Ground movement time series

Difference between two measurements indicates ground movement over time

Travel phase between ground and sensor gives mmtric distance

3 cm

InSARgroundmotion data utilised in a multiude of geo-hazardfocusedprojects


- 3 cm


Wide area map initiative of Terrafirma

  • Traditionally InSAR analysis of local area or of single phenomena = inefficient
  • Advanced algorithms to process full image data frames rapidly and allow multiple applications of data
  • Methodology will be applicable to Sentinel-1 data to allow rapid wide area motion maps to be produced
  • Method for integrating multiple track datasets into a single motion map
  • Resulting datasets can be freely viewed
  • Resulting datasets can be used for multiple applications of InSAR to Geo Hazards
  • To allow continental scale and future worldwide ground motion dataset

Process large land-masses as one dataset – one dataset ….. many applications


InSAR motion mapping applied to GeoHazards


  • Wide area map for survey & ongoing local studies with VHR SAR


  • Wide area ground motion data – strain data for EPOS and GEM etc


  • Volcano inflation

Mine subsidenceKarst Geology

  • Mining induced subsidence
  • Abandoned mine re-watering uplift
    • Karst Geology – sink hole formation


  • Dike stability
  • Subsidence monitoring of flood prone areas

Many applications can be served from one InSAR ground motion dataset