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Physical Science

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Physical Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physical Science. Classroom Procedures. Beginning of the Hour. Look at Plan of the Day Slide and follow any instructions provided Sit in assigned seat When the bell rings, stop talking and listen to teacher. During class. Sit in assigned seat unless otherwise specified

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Physical Science

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physical science

Physical Science

Classroom Procedures

beginning of the hour
Beginning of the Hour
  • Look at Plan of the Day Slide and follow any instructions provided
  • Sit in assigned seat
  • When the bell rings, stop talking and listen to teacher
during class
During class
  • Sit in assigned seat unless otherwise specified
  • No talking when teacher is talking
  • No electronics (unless specified by teacher)
    • Naughty electronics will be put in naughty box and locked in back room
    • May be received at end of class period
    • Refusal to hand over naughty electronics will result in removal from classroom
  • No food or drink EXCEPT water
during class1
During Class
  • Work on assigned task
    • When finished, must have another task to do
      • Book
      • Other hw
      • Etc
  • Participation in class discussion
    • Raise hand
    • Wait to be called on
end of class
End of Class
  • Clean up classroom
    • No personal belongings left in classroom (I am not your mom, and the room is not your closet)
  • Brown Box
    • Available for those students who lose everything
    • I suggest putting your science folder (with name) in the box when you have NO homework
leaving class
Leaving Class
  • District Requirement
    • NO student may leave the classroom at any time unless they are wearing their ID
  • Tardy = no pass to leave for the day for any reason
  • Failure to follow classroom procedure
    • 1st time = warning
    • 2nd time = reminder (last warning)
    • 3rd time = removal from classroom
  • Disrupting others learning will NOT be tolerated
    • If you choose to disrupt the class and others cannot learn you will be removed from class
  • Being tardy is unacceptable
  • 1st tardy
    • Verbal warning
  • 2nd tardy
    • Verbal warning
    • Reminder that will result in call home
  • 3rd tardy
    • Call home
  • 4th tardy
    • 15 min detention (BEFORE SCHOOL ONLY)
    • Call home
    • Documented in I.C.
  • Additional tardiness
    • Result in consequences with administration
    • Call home each time
having fun
Having Fun
  • Physical Science can be really fun and have lots of labs/activities
  • We play lots of silly science songs
  • If we can keep positive attitudes towards learning we will have way more fun