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natural disasters by leigha joe and charlotte n.
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Natural Disasters By Leigha , Joe and Charlotte PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural Disasters By Leigha , Joe and Charlotte

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Natural Disasters By Leigha , Joe and Charlotte
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Natural Disasters By Leigha , Joe and Charlotte

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  1. Natural DisastersBy Leigha, Joe and Charlotte Unfortunately, natural Disasters have wrecked many lives over the years, from Flooding to Tsunami’s, Volcanoes to Forest fires people experience them all!

  2. Hurricanes • Hurricanes destroy lives all around the world especially in the Ring Of Fire! ( the ring of fire is a massive circle around the USA that hurricanes target the most.) DID YOU KNOW? A HURRICANE IS A FAST MOVING WIND AND RAIN THAT TARGETS THE USA THE LATEST HURRICANE WAS HURRICANE SANDY.

  3. How do they happen? • Hurricanes are intense tropical storms with powerful winds and heavy rain witch cause flash floods! Hurricanes lose power as they move over land! They usually form in tropical parts of the world.

  4. What damage they do? • A Hurricane caused $80billion property damage. In 2005 a Hurricane sadly killed 1800 people in the United States. Hurricanes can lead to death of around 2million people in the last 200 years.

  5. Tornadoes • Tornadoes obliterate many peoples lives leaving them homeless and may cause death. The most famous Tornado was on April11th 1965

  6. How they happen • A Tornado is a rapidly spinning tube of air that touches both the ground and above. Tornadoes are sometimes called Twisters!

  7. What destruction they do? • Most Tornadoes have wind speeds less than 100mph (161kph) which causes a lot of damage!

  8. Floods • Floods cause lots of damage which makes most people homeless.

  9. What is a Flood? • A flood is caused by heavy rain or melting snow or sometimes overflowing rivers can overload and start flooding.

  10. Damage they do • A car can be taken away in as little as 2 feet of water. In the last 10 years on average , flooding cost the US $2.9 billion annually. No region is safe from flooding. Also states are subjects to flash floods.

  11. Overall, Natural disasters effect many people across the world in different countries by destroying there home, family, and businesses.