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Interfaces. By: Ben Griffin and Laurel Baston. What is an Interface. An interface is the aggregate of means by which people ( the users ) interact with a particular machine , device, computer program or other complex tool ( the system ). . Examples of an Interface. Driving a Car

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By: Ben Griffin and Laurel Baston

what is an interface
What is an Interface
  • An interface is the aggregate of means by which people (the users) interact with a particular machine, device, computer program or other complex tool (the system).
examples of an interface
Examples of an Interface
  • Driving a Car
  • Brushing your Teeth
  • Opening a Door
  • Using a Computer
main types of interfaces
Main Types of Interfaces
  • Human-machine Interface
  • Command-line Interface
  • Tactile Interface
  • Touch Interface
human machine interface
Human-machine Interface
  • The user interface of a mechanical system, a vehicle or an industrial installation is sometimes referred to as the human-machine interface (HMI).
command line interface
Command-line Interface
  • A CLI (command line interface) is a user interface to a computer's operating system or an application in which the user responds to a visual prompt by typing in a command on a specified line, receives a response back from the system, and then enters another command, and so forth. The MS-DOS Prompt application in a Windows operating system is an example of the provision of a command line interface. Today, most users prefer the graphical user interface (GUI) offered by Windows, Mac OS, BeOS, and others. Typically, most of today's Unix-based systems offer both a command line interface and a graphical user interface.
  • Example: Gentoo Linux
tactile interface
Tactile Interface
  • Tactile interfaces supplement or replace other forms of output with haptic (means pertaining to the sense of touch) feedback methods. Used in computerized simulators etc.

Example: Braille

touch interface
Touch Interface
  • Touch interfaces are graphical user interfaces using a touch screen display as a combined input and output device. Used in many types of industrial processes and machines, self-service machines etc.
two main types of digital interfaces
Two Main Types of Digital Interfaces
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Web-based user interfaces
graphical user interface
Graphical User Interface
  • This is a computer interface that uses icons and text to control the system.
  • Examples: Interaction between the Mouse and an icon.
web based computer interface
Web-based Computer interface
  • Web-based user interfaces accept input and provide output by generating web pages which are transported via the Internet and viewed by the user using a web browser program.