developing technical and management abilities n.
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Developing Technical and Management Abilities. PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Technical and Management Abilities.

Developing Technical and Management Abilities.

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Developing Technical and Management Abilities.

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  1. Developing Technical and Management Abilities. in individuals holding key-decision jobs. Bill Armitage BSc, MSc, FOR, CEng, MIMechE Dr Dan Davidson BSc, PhD Brasov, Romania 3rd-5th Oct 2007

  2. Emerald-Vbe Virtual Business Environment An EDIT 515 Ltd.

  3. The Management Report DECISIONS INPUT AVAILABILITY AND USE OF RESOURCES PRODUCT MOVEMENTS Accounts OVERHEADS PROFIT and LOSS BALANCE SHEET CASH FLOW Advertising Sales Revenue Assets Trading Receipts Sales Office Materials Purchased Liabilities Capital Receipts etc etc etc etc Overdraft Limit Next Quarter

  4. Last Quarter of History

  5. GENERAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Share Price % Dividend Last Qtr Free information Prices, Number Employed, and Wage Rate PAID FOR INFORMATION Advertising, Research Spend and Star ratings MARKET SHARE % Share of markets by Products sold All COMPANY BALANCE SHEETS

  6. SimulationFormat History Analysis Decision Making Management Reports Computation

  7. Quarters NOW Last Quarter Next QBL QAN Quarter New Decisions Latest Report NOW Time

  8. CorporateFunctions ManagingDirector Marketing Production H.R.M Finance ProductPackage Scheduling Hire & Fire Borrowing Promotion Purchasing Wages Investment Selling Transport Conditions Dividends R & D

  9. Sources Of Finance Reserves Share Capital Unsecured Loans Overdraft

  10. Markets North South West

  11. The Products 2 1

  12. Distribution Retailer Retailer West North Retailer Retailer Factory South Retailer


  14. Product Design Prices Design Quality Availability Competition

  15. Competitiveness COMES FROM Low Prices Good Design High Quality High Stock Levels But Market Share doesn’t always bring Profit

  16. Demography North 13 Million Homes West South 4 Million Homes 7 Million Homes

  17. Advertising Trade Press Merchandising Reaches out to the retailers Builds a long term image TV & Press Advertising Influences the buying public

  18. Sales Force How Many? Commission? Where? Salary? How Many? Where? Commission? Salary?

  19. Some Economics Underlying Trend Seasonality The Law of Diminishing Returns The Competition

  20. Diminishing Returns Result Effort

  21. Research & Development

  22. Product Improvements avoided obsolescence Minor?

  23. Product Improvements Product Stocks? Major?

  24. Product Improvements None? Itsdeteriorated!

  25. Production Machine Assembly ? Shop Shop

  26. Product Content Machining Time Assembly Time Material Content 1 1 Unit 60 mins 100 mins 3 Units 120 mins 300 mins 2

  27. The Machine Shop Single Shift needs 4 Unskilled operators per machine

  28. The Machine Shop 2 Shifts needs 8 Operators per machine

  29. The Machine Shop 3 Shifts needs 12 men

  30. The Assembly Shop Skilled Assembly Workers Work only single shift

  31. The Underlying Conflict Marketing Production The Vision Resources Marketing Plan Production Plan The Forecast Warehouse Stock Order Backlog

  32. H.R.M. Recruitment Take Home Pay Overtime Product Quality Downsizing Absenteeism Strikes Wastage

  33. The Underlying Conflict Marketing Production H.R.M.

  34. Finance PROFIT & LOSS BALANCE SHEET Revenue Fixed Assets Cost of Sales Current Assets Overheads Liabilities NET ASSETS PROFIT Dividends

  35. Finance PROFIT & LOSS BALANCE SHEET Revenue Fixed Assets Cost of Sales Current Assets Overheads Liabilities LOSSES NET ASSETS Additional Funding

  36. Buying Machines Machines cost £120,000 and take two quarters to come on-line Overdraft Limit Current Overdraft

  37. Share Price The Criterion for Success Some of the factors affecting Share Price Net Asset Value per Share Liquidity R & D Effort Stocks & Backlog Resources (Machines & People) Market Dominance • Dividend Performance

  38. The Underlying Conflict Production Marketing H.R.M Finance



  41. Summary - Virtual Business Environments (VBE) Decision and Choice - Human Resource Management Assessing Employees Needs Aspirations Attitudes Conflicts Recruiting Employees Training Employees - Training HR Staff - Conclusion