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The INSIGHT Mirror 360 ® Administrator’s Guide

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The INSIGHT Mirror 360 ® Administrator’s Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The INSIGHT Mirror 360 ® Administrator’s Guide. Here’s Looking at You!. The INSIGHTMirror 360º, An Administrator's Dream. Easy to Administer:

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The INSIGHTMirror 360º, An Administrator's Dream

Easy to Administer:

While administering 360 feedback used to be extremely cumbersome, our advanced software makes administering the INSIGHTMirror 360 much easier than most other 360’s.

We invested over $500,000 in the most cutting edge hardware and software that impressed The Ken Blanchard Companies, HRD Press and several other companies so much, they now use our online assessment software system for most of their online assessments.

People at all levels of computer literacy have successfully used our on-line assessment to choose and personally invite Raters directly, send out reminders to delinquent raters, and are reminded to check their “Monitor Rater Activity Page” to see which raters have not yet responded. Raters who have not responded can be sent friendly reminders from the ratees to please fill-out their rater assessment.

The success of the INSIGHTMirror 360 is partially due to its ease to administer, the right mix of questions, ease to understand the data, our rater comment section, etc.

Another part of our success is that we are the leader in 360’s that build’s on the most current research that convincingly shows:

Successful leaders focus most of their time on utilizing, strengthening, and finding ways to use their strengths in new ways.


Once you enroll*, you receive your own Organization’s Administrator’s Site (Home Page) with username & password.

This is your own control panel with all the functions to manage the distribution and other functions of the INSIGHTMirror 360 Leadership Assessment.

* There are no up-front costs.


© 2003


Modify Assessment Invitation

If you choose, you may change the invitation letter read to be more personal for specific groups and/or individual Ratees.

You can change it as many times as you like and are always able to return to the default invitation.

You will see how the easy it is for the Ratee to individualize letters they send to Raters containing the assessment form to be completed by the rater.


© 2003


Send Assessments

Once you have the invitation, all you need to do is enter names and email addresses.

Each participant is sent an email invitation with a link to take the assessment.

If you choose, you may block participant’s access to see their results until a time you choose.


© 2003


View Distributed Assessments

It’s easy to see which raters completed the assessment and which raters who have not.

Go to the link on your home page link that says: View Distributed Assessments.

On this new page you will see to the left a link that says: Monitor-Raters. The Monitor-Rater Link takes you to The Monitor Rater Activity Page.

The Monitor Rater Pages shows you (and the Ratee)

a) All the people the Ratee invited.

b) Whether they are a peer, subordinate, etc.

c) Which people have submitted their filled-in assessment.

d) Allows you to send reminders to people who have not submitted their assessment.

e) Let’s you check if the rater has at least three people in each professional category, with the exception of supervisor A and supervisor B.


© 2003


Ratee Home Page

You have 7 days left to invite Raters/

Your Raters have 14 days to send their feedback forms in.

Before the Ratees completes their self-assessment, they need to enter a username and password so they can have easy access to their Home Page.

Upon the Ratee completing their self-assessment form (the same 94 questions their raters will fill-out), the Ratee will immediatelybe sent to their home page where they can start inviting Raters.



View Results/Edit Comments

You can follow how Raters are rating the Ratee in real time. You have access to both Ratees’ numerical scores and written comments by going to View Results/Edit Comments Page.

EDITING or DELETING COMMENTS: You can look through the comments the Ratee is receiving, and if something is really harmful, too personal, or contains confidential information, you can either rewrite the comment, or delete it.


© 2003


Plot Group Summary

We are able to show the results of multiple Ratees, categorized by each of our eight leadership competencies.

This makes it easy to compare one Ratee to all the rest of the Ratees in a group you previously created.

There are a few conditions where such comparisons can be misleading.So be on the lookout for all factors that may bear on your comparisons.


© 2003


XYZ Company

Group Report

The INSIGHTMirror 360 Group Report is data from which a skill cluster and items (i.e., any of the 64 questions) are integrated averaged together from all the individual Ratee and Raters from a particular Group. Our Group Report, lists the percentages of strengths and weaknesses for all 64 items. Our display and design make it both very easy to and make comparisons.


© 2003


Create/Edit Groups

Easy to set-up and edit groups for Group Reports.

You simply create a group name for your users.

When distributing assessments, you can assign people to a group(s).


© 2003


Account Status/Order Assessments

Purchases Assessments: 520

Assessments Remaining: 520 – 71 = 449

Each assessment invitation sent subtracts one credit.


  • Order Assessments and within seconds they are at your disposal.
  • • Available 24/7 Online
    • Quantity Discount Pricing Available
    • For Current Pricing


© 2003


Special Features of the INSIGHTMirror 360

• Customize your assessment by having new questions added.

• Utilizing possibly the best Planning Action Guide for Ratees to use on their own. It also augmenting the tools coaches use with one-on-one coaching sessions. See last two slides.

• Decide whether to use our norms (for average rater response derived from our client data base,) or you can create your own set of norms for your Ratees based on the responses your raters give.You can even have different norms for engineers, sales people, marketing department, etc.


© 2003


INSIGHTMirror360 Planning Action Guide - 30 pages - compliments the INSIGHTMirror 360Assessment at no additional cost.

Excerpts from an article that appeared in The Government Training News, 8/06 “The INSIGHTMirror Planning & Action Guide -- Is Out of this World”

by Allison Larson, Former Assistant Director of Leadership Training, OPM

“The INSIGHTMirror 360 Planning and Action Guide is by far the best Guide for leadership development that I have seen.”

“The guide includes imaginative ways of illustrating valuable information on utilizing one’s strengths to the Max!, and managing weaknesses. The style of this Action Guide is the antithesis of the customary boilerplate Action Guide (workbook) that lacks substance. To the contrary, The INSIGHTMirror Planning Action Guide is packed with relevant and original material that will serve your leaders throughout their career.”

As the administrator of your 360 initiative INSIGHTMirror invites you to contact us and we can work together on developing the best way to use our Action Planning Guide. Contact information: /

(301) 986-0512.

The last page of this Guide is a composite of some the pages in the INSIGHTMirror Planning Action Guide.



From The INSIGHTMirror Planning Action Guide


Working with Weaknesses:

Along with your strengths there are weaknesses that need to be improved upon. We believe the obvious:If you don’tmanage the weeds, you will soon be left with a once beautiful garden left In decay.

We developed The STRENGTH Formula™ to enhance the ability to utilize one’s strengths and manage one’s weaknesses. It is based on the notion that that with the right questions (we provide) you realize that everything new is an addition or modification of something that already exists. As Sir Isaac Newton observed, “If I have seen farther, it by standing on the shoulders of giants.