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Bullet Proof FTP Server

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Bullet Proof FTP Server - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bullet Proof FTP Server. © N. Ganesan, Ph.D. Contributions. Steven Fong Jennifer Abeywardena Phoung Co ChengYu Wang. Bulletproof FTP Server. An alternative to Microsoft’s FTP service. Bulletproof FTP Features. General Features. Uploaded/Downloaded speed counter

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Bullet Proof FTP Server

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bullet proof ftp server

Bullet Proof FTP Server

© N. Ganesan, Ph.D.

  • Steven Fong
  • Jennifer Abeywardena
  • Phoung Co
  • ChengYu Wang
bulletproof ftp server
Bulletproof FTP Server
  • An alternative to Microsoft’s FTP service
general features
General Features
  • Uploaded/Downloaded
    • speed counter
    • stop user current transfer
  • Anti-hammer
  • Virtual Directory
  • Stop user current transfer
configuration and maintenance
Configuration and Maintenance
  • Automatic deletion of unfinished uploads
  • Encryption of passwords
  • Prevention of simultaneous connections per user
  • Set retry/kick/ban behavior
  • Ratio and quotas
general performance and monitoring
General Performance and Monitoring
  • Multi-homed server
  • Progress monitor
  • Groups
  • Real time
    • displays hits on particular files
    • summary of types of activity on the server
    • monitor both the server and its users
  • Stat generator
  • Directory cashing
directory access
Directory Access
  • Access is controlled by the standard model of user and group accounts
  • It is simple to create a new user and assign a password
  • The same applies to the creation of a group and the assignment of a password to the group
directory access continued
Directory Access: Continued
  • add any paths from the file system and apply read/write/delete/append privileges to files
  • Make privileges to directories
gene6 renamed as bulletproof
Gene6 Renamed as Bulletproof


windows utility installation
Windows Utility Installation


what is firedaemon
What is FireDaemon?
  • FireDaemon is a utility that allows you to install and run virtually any application as a Windows NT/2K/XP service
  • Features:
    • easy configuration
    • a low memory/CPU overhead
    • sub process prioritization and CPU binding and scheduling
    • monitors and logs to the NT/2K/XP event log
server name and port number
Server Name and Port Number
  • Name of FTP server
  • Port number for communication
activation and launching of server
Activation and Launching of Server
  • Launch and activate FTP server at startup
  • Show icon in tray
  • Allow multiple instances of the server to run
  • Ask for confirmation on exit
creation of a user
Creation of a User
  • Right-click on the left list and select Add from the pop-up menu to add a user
  • Enter the new user account information
user login
User Login
  • Check Login option
    • This may not be checked for anonymous access
  • Check the password box for the user to provide password
    • The user may also login with any password depending on the option chosen
access privileges
Access Privileges
  • Right click on the directory and click on Add from the popup menu
  • Specify the access rights
    • Files: “R”ead “W”rite “D”elete “A”ppend
    • Directory: “M”ake “L”ist “K”ill “S”ubdirectory
miscellaneous properties
Miscellaneous Properties
  • Hide hidden files/dirs: files whose attribute is 'hidden' won't be visible in the list
  • Enable Account: should always be enabled unless you temporarily wanna shut off a user without deleting his account
  • Allow Noop Command: the user can stay connected to the server simply by sending the NOOP command, otherwise he will be disconnected by your specified Time Out
miscellaneous properties continued
Miscellaneous Properties Continued
  • Enable Time Out: users who don't do anything for this period of time will be disconnected
  • Max users: allows only N users to log in the server sharing the same account.
  • Connection per IP: allows only N connections of the same IP to log in to the server.
  • Show Relative Path: users see their home dir as the root of the file system. If 'c:\userroot\' is the default home dir users will see '\' as their root.