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RISK MANAGEMENT. Overview. I. Staff and Supervision II. Insurance III. Emergency IV. Equipment V. Facility. Staff and Supervision. Training Certification Age requirements Ratios. Training Requirements. 4-H volunteer training County specifics

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Risk management


I. Staff and Supervision

II. Insurance

III. Emergency

IV. Equipment

V. Facility

Staff and supervision
Staff and Supervision

  • Training

  • Certification

  • Age requirements

  • Ratios

Training requirements
Training Requirements

4-H volunteer training

  • County specifics

    • Kitsap and King require online E-Learning

  • WSP Background check

  • Reference check

  • Valuable partnership form

  • Youth Protection - video

  • New Club – Use of 4-H Emblem form

  • Enrollment form for club

    Shooting Sports Training

     15 hours of instruction in the discipline


  • After successful completion of training

  • Share copy with local extension office.

    • Especially important when out of state training.

  • Certification required for leading the project.

  • WA, ID and OR have similar training requirements.

    • Can cross state lines for certification.

Leader age requirements
Leader Age Requirements

  • 21 years old

  • 18 years = assistant instructor

  • Teen leader can assist the leader

  • Some teens attend the state training

  • Parents can help the leader

  • Leader is in charge of the range!

Adult youth ratios
Adult/Youth Ratios

  • Recommended 8:1

Insurance issues
Insurance Issues

  • Parental and Health Consent

  • b. Accidental Insurance

  • i. American Income Life (AIL) – youth and volunteer leaders

  • ii. Labor and Industry (L&I) – volunteer leaders

  • iii. $1 regular; $2 equine, ATV and league

  • c. Liability

  • i. Defended if found acting in good faith

  • d. Certificate of Liability

  • i. 5 million-bodily injury, property damage & personal injury

  • e. Vehicles and Transportation

  • i. Volunteer leader primary insurance responsibility

  • f. Equipment insurance



Emergency Transportation

Communication and Direction

Keep others engaged

Render First Aid

Parental Notification

Different Situations

Range Accident

Lost Child


Rabid Animal


Car Accident



  • Safety Check Procedures

  • Handling

  • Proper Storage

  • Transportation


  • Safety Inspection

    • Club completes

    • Official one sometimes

  • Safety procedures displayed (signage, berms, lines)

  • Insurance

  • Leases

Risk management plan
Risk Management Plan

  • Look

  • Plan

  • Prepare

Requirement for all shooting sports in washington state
Requirement for all shooting sports in Washington State

  • Risk Management Plan

  • All 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors are required to have a risk management plan in place prior to conducting a shooting sports activity. Elements of the plan should include but are not limited to:

    • 1. Staffing/Supervision

      • A. Training

      • B. Recertification

      • C. Age of youth/experience level

      • D. Adult/Youth Ratio

      • E. Specific Requirements (background checks, screening, etc.)

    • 2. Insurance Issues

      • A. Waivers

      • B. Health History/Parental consent

      • C. Health Insurance

      • D. Liability/Vehicle Insurance

      • E. Equipment Insurance

      • F. Facility Insurance

      • G. Leases

    • 3. Emergency Procedures

      • A. Transportation/Emergency Vehicle

      • B. Communication/Access to phone/Public Relations (person, statement, etc.)

      • C. First Aid person and kit on site

      • D. Parental notification

  • Separate plan for each of the following situations: range accident, lost child, misfire, animal/insect/plant related injury, weather disaster, car accident and other.


  • Paper and pencil time

  • Ask your self questions about your shooting area

    • What could happen

    • What can I do to prevent

    • How do I avoid problems

    • Will insurance policy take responsibility

Risky business sample rmp
Risky Business .. Sample RMP

  • All adults running the range will be certified.

  • All first year archers will be supervised by an adult to archer ratio 1:4.

  • Second and more years of experience ratio 1:8.

  • All adults helping with the project and on the range must have E-Learning and back ground checks completed or in progress/submitted.

  • Handicap archers will take two lanes on the shooting line.

  • All archers and leaders will have Health, Photo, Parental consent, and Insurance paperwork.

  • Vehicle travel none required for practices, parents responsibility.

  • Tournaments where travel is required use a separate RMP.

  • Lost Child problem. All archers will remain in the range with two parents. No shooting allowed. Call Kitsap County Extension office and leave message. Call Kitsap County Fair Maintenance people at (360) 340-6661. Range master and other adults will commence search. After 5 minutes, call 911 and get help from county units. Call Kitsap County Extension office and give update.

  • Injury on the range. Minor first aid kit on range. Major call 911 stop all shooting. Report all injuries, fill in paper work in file folder labeled injury report. Report to club leaders (360) 710-6797 and notify parents. Call Kitsap County Extension office Kelly Fisk point of contact (360) 337-7157.

  • Child abuse/neglect call Kelly Fisk 4-H county point of contact (360) 337-7157.