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The Free and Safe Social Learning Platform for Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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The Free and Safe Social Learning Platform for Schools

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The Free and Safe Social Learning Platform for Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Free and Safe Social Learning Platform for Schools Obami is a school networking platform that is being used by teachers, learners and parents.

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Obami is a school networking platform that is being used by teachers, learners and parents.

It supports primary and secondary schools, along with all the communities that form within and between them (like the staff, the SRC, the science class, the swimming team, and even your social outreach programme).


Obami also provides a comprehensive Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), catering for...

1. Educational resource sharingFrom blogs and MS Docs, to videos, podcasts and Pdfs... the list goes on!

2. PedagogyEncouraging teacher-learner

interaction, just as much as

peer-to-peer teaching, and

overall guidance.

3. Assessment

For homework, projects, tests,

and even exams - inclusive of

auto-marking! Obami can also be

used as a powerful professional

development tool.


And it makes sure that this takes place within a safe environment.

1. Obami is a closed systemOnly registered schools are allowed to join the


2. Obami provides content

monitoring tools

Schools can moderate profanity, cyber-bullying

and other forms of inappropriate content.

3. Obami allows bespoke security

and privacy settings

Each school is able to set sharing and

befriending controls for each of it's grades -

affording all users the most age appropriate



Obami provides a number of applications that ensure

an engaging and wholly encompassing experience for all school members, accessible 24/7

NewsfeedsEvery user has their own newsfeed that displays news and information from their school, their school contacts and the groups they are part of


Through the Obami platform, via email and SMS


Instant messaging is useful for learners to collaborate on homework together, or ask questions before a big test (note, transcripts are saved)


Like mini websites within the Obami website - these are an engaging way to share content and connect with school groups

CalendarEvery user's Obami calendar is relevant to them - it's alwyas up-to-date, and can be printed out to stick on the fridge



Being able to keep numerous blogs - one for each subject - differentiates Obami's blogging platform from others


Uploading and sharing photos and videos means that all school members can create a buzz around the school play, inter-house athletics or the field trip


The easiest way to upload and share a wide range of digital documents - from Word and Excel, to Powerpoint and Pdf's - for your intended audience to access at any time suitable to them


A wide range of embed scripts are recognised by Obami - letting you add weather reports, Google maps, RSS feeds and so much more


Not only can assignemnts be used to assess learner performance (and keep parents in the loop), many schools use this application to generate parent feedback and permission slips, or undertake surveys across all school members


So what have schools been using Obami for...

1. Going paperless with the curriculum and all school communications

2. Accessing great educational resources

3. Uploading or creating and sharing their own resources

4. "Flipping" the classroom

5. Assigning, submitting and marking homework

6. Writing exams

7. Facilitating 2-way teacher, learner and parent communications

8. Interacting with schools from oversees

9. Supporting local, social outreach programmes

10. And so much more!


Obami is award winning and internationally recognised

It was nominated as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Technologies in the World in 2011 by Netexplorateur, UNESCO, Deloitte, Orange, Air-France and others.

Obami was also recognised as one of the Top 20 Tech Start Ups in Africa in 2012 by Forbes Africa.

It has recently been nominated as a 2013 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

But most importantly, Obami is South African... and with the

support of its community, it has the potential to help fix South African education!


Thank you... we can't wait to welcome you

into the growing Obami community!

For more information, contact or visit