politics develops politically 1824 1840 l.
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Politics Develops Politically 1824-1840 PowerPoint Presentation
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Politics Develops Politically 1824-1840

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Politics Develops Politically 1824-1840 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Politics Develops Politically 1824-1840. Election of 1824. There were 4 “Republican” candidates Andrew Jackson --John Quincy Adams William Crawford --Henry Clay No one won a majority so the House of Representatives chose the winner.

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election of 1824
Election of 1824
  • There were 4 “Republican” candidates
    • Andrew Jackson --John Quincy Adams
    • William Crawford --Henry Clay
  • No one won a majority so the House of Representatives chose the winner.
  • Henry Clay was Speaker of the House, arranged for JQ Adams to be Prez., Clay became VP.
  • Jackson had received the most votes, his supporters claimed a Corrupt Bargain had taken Prez away from him.
john quincy adams
John Quincy Adams
  • 1st President who was son of a president.
  • Went to Harvard, Diplomat, Secretary of State.
  • As President tried to bring sections of country together with a network of highways and canals.
  • After serving as president, he served in the House of Representatives.
jackson in 1828
Jackson in 1828
  • Election
    • Andrew Jackson beats John Quincy Adams
  • Supporters of Adams called Jackson a Jackass. He was a Democrat. So Democrats are Donkeys.
  • Republicans as Elephants came after the Civil War.
jackson takes over
Jackson takes over
  • Jacksons was the 1st “Frontier President”
  • Because he was such a hero of the common man, 15,000 people came to his inauguration. The party got out of control at the White House, Jackson had to run away to a hotel to sleep.
  • Spoils System=When Jackson took over he replaced many Govt. workers with his supporters.
    • Problem was many were incompetent.
the tariff of 1828
The Tariff of 1828
  • Very high, Southerners were unhappy because tariffs protected industry at the expense of exports.
  • VP John C. Calhoun wrote a denunciation of the tariff. He called for Nullification. States declaring the tariff null and void within their borders.
the trail of tears
The Trail of Tears
  • 1830 Indian Removal Act: Forced Native Americans East of the Mississippi to move to Oklahoma.
  • Why Oklahoma? Because it sucks.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs was set up to deal with Native Americans for the govt.
  • Countless Native Americans died on forced marches to the West.
the bank war
The Bank War
  • Andrew Jackson hated the Bank of the United States because he felt it had too much power.
  • Henry Clay wanted to recharter the Bank in 1832 to make it an issue in the Presidential Election of 1832.
  • Jackson vetoed the recharter bill. Common people loved him.
nicholas biddle
Nicholas Biddle
  • Child Genius, Graduated from Princeton at 15.
  • Was a diplomat in France during Napoleonic Wars.
  • Was a state senator before becoming Director of Bank of the United States.
presidential election of 1832
Presidential Election of 1832
  • Andrew Jackson kicked Clays butt.
  • AJ dropped John C. Calhoun for supporting nullification.
  • Replaced him with Martin Van Buren
presidential election of 1836
Presidential Election of 1836
  • Martin Van Buren (Jackson’s Successor) v. William Henry Harrison (Tippecanoe)
  • MVB won.
  • He had been Secretary of State 1829-1831 then Jacksons VP 1833-1837.
  • He was first Prez born a U.S. citizen.
panic of 1837
Panic of 1837
  • Prompted by get rich quick schemes involving land speculation. Also Jacksons veto of the National Bank.
  • Two British Banks failed, causing investors to call in American loans. Chain reaction collapsed many American banks.
texas and rebellion
Texas and Rebellion
  • Mexico gave land to Stephen Austin to bring Catholic families into Texas. They were supposed to become Mexican.
  • They didn’t. Texas declared Independence in 1836. Didn’t become a state until ten years later because adding it to Union would mean adding a slave state.
presidential election of 1840
Presidential Election of 1840
  • Martin Van Buren v. William Henry Harrison again.
  • This time “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” won. They were Whigs.
  • MVB was very unpopular because of the Panic of 1837.
william henry harrison
William Henry Harrison
  • Won Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, than General in War of 1812, Governor of Indiana territory, Representative and Senator from Ohio.
  • 68 When elected Prez. Oldest until Reagan.
  • Harrison died 31 days after being inaugurated.
  • What to do?
politics for the people
Politics for the People
  • Politicians who were too uppity, too intellectual didn’t win elections.
  • People voted for men like themselves.
two party system
Two Party System
  • Democrats and Whigs
  • Democrats= Jackson, supported individual liberty
  • Whigs= WHH, favored National Bank, Protective Tariffs, Prohibition of Liquor and Abolition of Slavery
  • Basically Libertarians v. Big Government