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Food Banks and Food Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Food Banks and Food Security

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Food Banks and Food Security
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Food Banks and Food Security

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  1. Food Banks and Food Security Food Banks Food Security Food Insecure Hunger Starvation

  2. Our Message Framework • There are everyday and sometimes foods • Food choices can contribute to health or illness • You can learn how to make healthy choices

  3. Key Finding: Food Preference Surveys

  4. The Under-Nutrition and Illness Trap • Malnutrition impairs children’s ability to learn • Malnutrition contributes to illness which increases health costs • Undernourished or chronically ill adults are more likely to be less productive and have higher rates of absenteeism. This impacts on their potential to advance at work and increase earning power • Poverty is a major cause of food insecurity and hunger and fosters dependence on charity food

  5. Choose Healthy Options Program (CHOP) A comprehensive program developed by the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to promote the acquisition, distribution, and consumption of healthier food. Our goals are to:

  6. Increase the percentage of healthy food choices available to agencies and clients • Educate Food Bank, agency and SDO staff, emergency food recipients, vendors, donors, and volunteers on the value and use of food as part of a healthy diet.

  7. Increase consumption of healthier food among nutritionally at-risk emergency food recipients • Implement a food ranking system to identify the healthiest food choices for acquisition and to promote their distribution.

  8. Who Benefits from CHOP? • The People you serve • Their Communities • Your Food Bank

  9. Product Groups Food is categorized for analysis into 11 groups: Grains and pasta Snacks and desserts Cereal Vegetables Fruit Beverages Dairy and milk products Vegetable proteins Animal proteins Meals Special Needs

  10. 1 Choose frequently Choose moderately 2 3 Choose sparingly MC Minimal contribution NR Not rated Food Ratings

  11. Using the Nutrition Facts Label

  12. Agency Shopping List October 24, 2007

  13. Notes on the ranking system • Tailored for product available to food banks • Our expert committee assigned ranks to some foods, for example, eggs, baby food, peanut butter are ranked #1 • All produce is assigned a rank of 1 and is not ranked thru CHOP system • Not ranking all foods: salvage, food drive, fresh bread and bakery, assorted, food wo/ nutrition facts label. • Live system that may change over time

  14. Half Day Workshop Analyzes Order History Provides coaching to get the most out of our inventory Provides food demos CHOP at the Agencies

  15. Making the connection between hunger and health!