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Reorganization of the Campus Administration

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Reorganization of the Campus Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reorganization of the Campus Administration. The University of Texas at Austin March 9, 2000. Why?. Changes in the President’s external role over the past 20 years Changes in the scale of the University Changes in the regulatory environment

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reorganization of the campus administration

Reorganization of the Campus Administration

The University of Texas at Austin

March 9, 2000

  • Changes in the President’s external role over the past 20 years
  • Changes in the scale of the University
  • Changes in the regulatory environment
  • The advent of large new operational areas, such as information technology
key presidential functions
Key Presidential Functions
  • Overall institutional health
  • Focus, priorities, and standards of the University
  • Interface with the Regents and the Chancellor
  • Oversight of management structure and performance of key officers
  • Strategic management of resources
  • Development of new resources
  • Interfaces with external constituencies
  • Clear delegation of much operational authority to the vice presidents
goals concerning the provost s role
Goals Concerning the Provost’s Role
  • To establish the Provost as the chief operating officer in most academic matters concerning teaching, curricula, and the quality and operation of academic units
  • To establish the Provost as the first coordinating officer in academic matters spanning vice presidential portfolios
  • To give the Provost the power of initial proposal in the disposition of institutional resources
key roles executive vp and provost
Key Roles:Executive VP and Provost
  • Chief academic officer and second to the President
  • Oversight and development of colleges and schools
  • Coordination of operating policies concerning mission-central functions (teaching, research, and academic outreach)
  • Operational responsibility for financial and space planning
  • Operational responsibility for space management
key roles senior vp and chief financial officer
Key Roles:Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer
  • Assurance of the financial integrity of the University
  • Financial controller’s role, including certification of revenue and expenditures
  • Management of financial operations
  • Management of procurement
portfolio senior vp and chief financial officer
Portfolio: Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer
  • Accounting Office
  • Budget Office
  • Business Contracts Administration
  • Controller’s Office
  • Open Records Administration
  • Purchasing and Central Receiving
  • HUB Program
  • Military Property

(All retained from VP Business Affairs)

key roles vp campus services
Key Roles:VP Campus Services
  • Development and delivery of most supporting services for on-campus clients
  • Assurance of the integrity of the physical infrastructure of the campus
  • Assurance of public and environmental safety
portfolio vp campus services
Campus Facilities Planning

Physical Plant

Utilities and Energy Management

Environmental Health and Safety

UT Police Department

Parking and Transportation

Travel Management Services

Faculty Center

PRC Commons

Jamail Texas Swimming Center

Texas Aquatics Program

Printing Department

University Supply, Mail, and Duplicating

Portfolio: VP Campus Services

(from VP Business Affairs)

portfolio vp campus services continued
Portfolio: VP Campus Services (continued)
  • Human Resources
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Employee Assistance Program

(all from VP HR & Community Relations)

  • University Child Care Center

(from VP Admin. and Legal Affairs)

transition principles finance campus services portfolios
Transition Principles:Finance/Campus Services Portfolios
  • VP Business Affairs remains until VP Campus Services is appointed
  • All units designated for the new Finance and Campus Services portfolios remain in place until that time
  • Upon arrival of VP Campus Services, designated units move to that portfolio
  • At the same time, the VP Business Affairs becomes Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer
search for vp campus services
Larry R. Faulkner, Chair

John G. Ekerdt

R. Raquel Elizondo

Danny L. Fletcher

Albert J. Flowers

Mark A. Hunter

Robert G. May

Student to be named

Nancy J. McCowen, Staff

Position announced and posted today

Search confined to UT System

Active work on applications and nominations begins Monday, March 20

Goal is to complete search and make appointment in 4 weeks or less

Search for VP Campus Services
key roles vp information technology
Key Roles:VP Information Technology
  • Integrity and strategic development of the information/ communications hardware infrastructure
  • Systems infrastructure for mission-central functions and administration
  • Related education and training
portfolio vp information technology
Portfolio: VP Information Technology
  • Academic Computing(from Provost)
  • Administrative Computing(from VP Business Affairs)
  • Telecommunications(from VP Business Affairs)
transition principles information technology
Transition Principles:Information Technology
  • Created upon appointment of new VP
  • VP to be identified in national search chaired by Dean Streetman
  • Constituent units remain with current reporting officers until search is complete
  • Provost and SVP&CFO will collaborate on interim management issues
key roles vp public affairs
Key Roles:VP Public Affairs
  • Interpretation of University issues and concerns to the public and vice versa
  • Facilitation of the University’s interface with the media and with the public at large
  • Support of the University’s major public events aside from athletic events
portfolio vp public affairs
Portfolio: VPPublic Affairs
  • Office of Public Affairs

(from VP Admin. and Legal Affairs)

  • Visitor Services

(from VP Admin. and Legal Affairs

  • University Relations

(from President)

transition principles public affairs
Transition Principles:Public Affairs
  • Public Affairs and Visitor Services move now to report to the President
  • VP to be identified in national search chaired by Dean Speck
  • Upon appointment, the VP Public Affairs assumes responsibility for all designated units
key roles vp legal affairs institutional relations
Key Roles:VP Legal Affairs & Institutional Relations
  • Support of legal services and facilitation of the interface with the Office of General Counsel
  • Guidance on formal internal processes
  • Oversight of intercollegiate athletics
  • Management of interfaces with the Board of Regents, the UT System, State and City Government, the Big XII, and the NCAA
portfolio vp legal affairs institutional relations
Portfolio: VP Legal Affairs & Institutional Relations
  • Legal Affairs
  • External Relations
  • System Relations
  • Intercollegiate Athletics for Men
  • Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Compliance Program
key roles vp community and school relations
Key Roles:VP Community and School Relations
  • Pre-college youth development programs
  • Promotion of a representative student body
  • Facilitation of relationships involving the University as a neighbor
  • Promotion of community health
  • Facilitation of the University’s relationships with schools, school systems, and state agencies, especially with relation to non-curricular youth development
portfolio vp community and school relations
Portfolio: VP Community and School Relations
  • Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
  • University Interscholastic League
  • Community Relations
  • Neighborhood Longhorns
  • University Outreach
  • Pre-college Youth Development
key roles vp research
Key Roles:VP Research
  • Fostering an improved research climate
  • Oversight of research services
  • Oversight of research organizations spanning colleges, including multi-college ORUs reporting at the campus level
  • Management of intellectual property and policies relating to intellectual property
  • Facilitation of the University’s Interface with High-Tech Industry
portfolio vp research
Bureau of Economic Geology

Institute of Advanced Technology

Applied Research Laboratory

Center for Electromechanics

Amarillo National Resource Center

Animal Resources Center

Office of Sponsored Projects

Office of Technology Licensing and IP

Office of Industry Relations


Multi-college ORUs

Portfolio: VP Research
key roles vp and dean of graduate studies
Key Roles:VP and Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Overseeing the standing and operation of graduate curricula and programs
  • Fostering the welfare of graduate students and oversight of policies concerning them
  • Overseeing libraries and collections
  • Managing and promoting international programs, including study abroad

There are no changes in this portfolio.

key roles vp student affairs
Key Roles:VP Student Affairs
  • Fostering a sound climate for student life
  • Meeting the health maintenance and counseling needs of the student population
  • Assuring fairness and effectiveness in the student justice system
  • Managing admissions and financial aid
  • Overseeing housing and food services
  • Managing and developing recreational facilities for students
  • Overseeing student publications

There are no changes in this portfolio.

key roles vp resource development
Key Roles:VP Resource Development
  • Coordinating campuswide development resources and efforts
  • Managing field work for major gifts and annual-fund operations
  • Assuring good stewardship
  • Managing supporting expertise in planned giving and corporate/foundation relationships
  • Exploring new possibilities for resource development
  • Producing special events for the campus

There are no changes in this portfolio.

unchanged relationship to the president
Unchanged Relationship to the President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Office of Internal Audits
financial planning and budgeting
Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • University Budget Council
    • President
    • Provost and planning officer
    • SVP & CFO and budget officer
  • Provost: power of initial proposal
  • SVP & CFO: financial integrity
  • A forum for competing possibilities
  • Final decision by the President
space planning and management
Space Planning and Management
  • University Space Council
    • President
    • Provost and planning officer
    • VP Campus Services and planning officer
  • Provost: power of initial proposal
  • VP Campus Services: integrity of infrastructure
  • A forum for competing possibilities
  • Final decision by the President
transition team
Larry R. Faulkner, Chair

Susan O. Bradshaw

Patricia L. Clubb

Sheldon Ekland-Olson

Clifford A. Katz

Mary E. Knight

Nancy J. McCowen

Juan M. Sanchez

Teresa A. Sullivan

N. Bruce Walker

To resolve unanticipated or incomplete issues

To revisit matters that seem poorly resolved

To draft full job descriptions

To work on improved administrative processes

Transition Team

Some things could change from this layout.