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China's martial arts

China's martial arts. Lecture 2. Teaching goals of this chapter. to help students master the basic skills of martial arts. 2 . to help students master the basic movements of the five step of boxing. The teaching outline. 1、the general introduction of basic skills of martial arts.

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China's martial arts

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  1. China's martial arts Lecture 2

  2. Teaching goals of this chapter • to help students master the • basic skills of martial arts 2. to help students master the basic movements of the five step of boxing

  3. The teaching outline 1、the general introduction of basic skillsof martial arts 2、the general knowledge about the five step of boxing(五步拳) 3、the basic movements of the five step of boxing

  4. 1、the general introduction • Martial art is a practicing art. The learners should have foundation of the ability of physical activities, basic skills and psychological quality.

  5. basic skills Basic skills include the training on legs, waist, shoulder and main content of qigong. In basic training, there is a series of special and comprehensive exercises for different parts of body, which has the characteristics of both internal and external.

  6. leg skill • It contains the leg flexibility and strength

  7. the training on legs Press legs forward Facing the objects of a certain height, put the left heel on the object, tiptoe around on two legs unbend

  8. Left foot on the object to a certain height Back foot to a certain height of objects

  9. Right leg knee squatting, feet on the floor; stretch the left leg straight to the toe

  10. Vertical split Horizontal split

  11. lumbar skill • It contains the waist flexibility, coordination control and skills of Kung Fu

  12. lumbar training

  13. shoulder skill • It is the performance of shoulder joint flexibility, controlling the range, size and strength

  14. shoulder training

  15. Qigong performance • It is the leg strength and respiratory rates of Kung fu

  16. The Basics (基本功) are a vital part of any martial training, as a student cannot progress to the more advanced stages without them; Basics are usually made up of rudimentary techniques, conditioning exercises, including stances. Basic training may involve simple movements that are performed repeatedly; other examples of basic training are stretching, meditation, striking, throwing, or jumping. Without strong and flexible muscles, management of Qi or breath, and proper body mechanics, it is impossible for a student to progress in the Chinese martial arts. A common saying concerning basic training in Chinese martial arts is as follows: 内外相合,外重手眼身法步,内修心神意氣力。

  17. 2、introduction of the five step of boxing • it includesthe elements of martial arts in the most basic things, like "弓、马、仆、虚、歇" five kinds of steps • it cantrains both Internal and External. • external training includes the hands, the eyes, the body and stances. Internal training includes the heart, the spirit, the mind, breathing and strength.

  18. 3、the basic movements

  19. the first step --put the bipod together, with the clenching fists helding at the waist,

  20. the second step ---kick leg and punch

  21. the third step ---stand in the horse stance and punch

  22. the fifth and sixth steps Could you try it?

  23. the seventh step ---lift knee and punch

  24. the eighth step ---crouch and lunge

  25. the last step --- back to the starting state

  26. the tasks for you:----learn something from the two websites 1、http://v.ku6.com/show/9L3qrMGVwytV7N0L.html 2、http://www.youku.com/playlist_show/id_876004.html

  27. Thank you!

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