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Baulo Benx Zunh Doz Fin-Saeng Ko^lo^si 1:24-29 Paul Minister Colossians 1:24-29 PowerPoint Presentation
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Baulo Benx Zunh Doz Fin-Saeng Ko^lo^si 1:24-29 Paul Minister Colossians 1:24-29

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Baulo Benx Zunh Doz Fin-Saeng Ko^lo^si 1:24-29 Paul Minister Colossians 1:24-29 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Baulo Benx Zunh Doz Fin-Saeng Ko^lo^si 1:24-29 Paul Minister Colossians 1:24-29

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  1. Baulo Benx Zunh Doz Fin-Saeng Ko^lo^si 1:24-29 Paul Minister Colossians 1:24-29 Sunday /April 10, 2011

  2. 24 Ih zanc yie orn-lorqc haic weic zuqc yie duqv weic meih mbuo siouc kouv. Giduc weic ninh nyei sin, dongh jiu-baang, siouc kouv. Yie nyei sin siouc kouv se weic tengx Giduc siouc nyei kouv dunh yunh nzengc. 24 Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ's afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.

  3. 25 Tin-Hungh paaiv yie zoux jiu-baang nyei bou, bun yie maaih naaiv nyungc gong zoux weic tengx meih mbuo. Yie zoux nyei gong se oix zuqc zunh Tin-Hungh nyei doz nzoih nzengc. 25 I have become its servant by the commission God gave me to present to you the word of God in its fullness—

  4. 26 Naaiv doz se zinh ndaangc maanc gouv maanc doic Tin-Hungh maiv gaengh bun mbiaangx yaangh mv baac ih zanc mbiaangx yaangh cuotv daaih bun ninh nyei mienh hiuv. 26 the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the saints.

  5. 27 Tin-Hungh nyei za'eix se oix bun ninh nyei mienh hiuv duqv naaiv maiv gaengh mbiaangx yaangh nyei sic ndongc haaix jaaix, ndongc haaix njang-laangc, yaac oix biux mengh bun fingx-fingx Janx hiuv. Naaiv maiv gaengh mbiaangx yaangh nyei sic dongh naaiv aqv. Giduc yiem meih mbuo gu'nyuoz, se bun meih mbuo maaih lamh hnamv oix duqv buonc Tin-Hungh nyei njang-laangc. 27 To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

  6. 28 Yie mbuo ziouc zunh Giduc nyei jauv bun zuangx mienh muangx. Yie mbuo longc nyungc-nyungc cong-mengh kuinx mienh, njaaux mienh weic bun dauh dauh caux Giduc juangc maengc ziangh, ziouc dorh ninh mbuo taux Tin-Hungh nyei nza'hmien dunh yunh nzengc. 28 We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.

  7. 29 Weic naaiv yie zoux gong kouv, longc nzengc Giduc bun nyei qaqv, dongh zanc-zanc yiem yie nyei hnyouv zoux gong nyei qaqv. 29 To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.

  8. Biux Mengh Waac Introduction 1. Ei naaiv zeiv fienx nyei jauv nor, Baulo biux mengh ninh zoux nyei gong yiem naaiv buonv sou gu’nyuoz se hnangv ninh zoux zunh kuv fienx nyei fin-saeng – Ko^lo^si 1:24-29. At this point in his epistle, Paul provides some insight into how he viewed his work as a minister of the gospel of Christ - Colossians 1:24-29

  9. 2. Naaiv douc Ging-Sou nyei waac se maaih jaax-zinh weic I nyungc jauv se hnangv. This passage can be of value to both: a. Zunh kuv fienx nyei fin-saeng, bun ninh mbuo buatc taux gu’nyuoz nyei jauv hnangv haaix nor, caux ninh mbuo oix zuqc zoux nyei gong. Preachers of the gospel, in giving them insight as to how they are to view themselves and the work they are to perform.

  10. b. Yietc zungv Giduc Mienh (All Christians): (1) Da’yietv, bun ninh mbuo gauh bieqc hnyouv longx taux fin-saeng zoux nyei gong caux ninh hnamv nyei jauv hnangv haaix nor. First, to give them a better understanding of the work of a minister and what to expect. (2) Da’nyeic nyungc, weic zuqc yietc zungv Giduc Mienh zuotc Baulo nyei nyungc zeiv zoux (1 Ko^lin^to 11:1). And second, since all Christians are to imitate the example of Paul (1 Corinthians 11:1), to learn those attitudes we should have toward our brethren.

  11. I. BAULO WEIC GORX-YOUZ ZUQC SIOUC KOUV MV BAAC GENGH ORN-LORQC HAIC (PAUL TOOK GREAT JOY IN SUFFERING FOR HIS BRETHREN). A. BAULO ZUQC DIEV ZIEX NYUNGC KOUV-NAANC YIEM FU-SUX TIN-HUNGH NYEI GONG (PAUL HAD SUFFERED GREATLY THROUGHOUT HIS MINISTRY) 1. Se hnangv ninh fiev bun Ko^lin^to Zingh Jiu Bang nyei da’nyeic zeiv fienx gorngv nor – 2 Ko^lin^to 11:23-29. As he outlined in his second epistle to the Corinthians - 2 Corinthians 11:23-29

  12. 2. Yiem naaiv mbuo buatc maiv ganh nyungc ndongc haaix camv, se gorngv mbuo beiv ganh deix dongh ninh fiev nyei yietc zungv fienx nor – 1 Ko^ Iin^to 4:9-13. In this, he was not much different the rest of the apostles - 1 Corinthians 4:9-13. B. MV BAAC, SE GORNGV NAAIV DEIX KOUV NAANC NYEI JAUV DIEV WEIC GIDUC CAUX NINH NYEI GORX-YOUZ NOR, MBUO BUATC BAULO GENGH A’HNEIV HAIC. (YET, IF THIS SUFFERING WAS FOR THE SAKE OF CHRIST AND HIS BRETHREN, PAUL WAS GLAD!)

  13. 1. Se hnangv ninh gorngv nor, “Ih zanc yie gengh maaih orn-lorqc haic, weic zuqc yie duqv weic meih mbuo siouc kouv” – Ko^lo^si 1:24. As he said, I now rejoice in my sufferings for you - Colossians 1:24 2. Ninh fih hnangv gorngv bun Fi^lipv^poi Jiu Bang nyei mienh – Fi^lipv^poi 2:17-18. He expressed the same thoughts to the Philippians - Philippians 2:17-18

  14. C. WEIC HAAIX DIUC BAULO NDONGC NAAIC NJIEN-YOUH WEIC SIOUC KOUV NYEI JAUV? (WHY WAS PAUL SO JOYFULLY WILLING TO SUFFER?) 1. Yietc nyungc eix-leiz yiem naaiv douc Ging-Sou nyei waac: bun yie nyei sin buangv nzengc Giduc, dongh haaix norm dorngx mv maaih wuov deix, weic Giduc nyei sin se dongh Jiu Bang. One reason is given in this passage: to fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ, for the sake of His body, which is the church.

  15. 2. Naaiv se maiv zeiz gorngv taux Giduc ciev ziec nyei jauv aengx caa haaix nyungc jaax-zinh – Ko^lo^si 2:14; Hipv^lu 10:12-14. This is not to suggest that there was anything lacking in the atoning value of Christ's sacrifice! - Colossians 2:14; Hebrews 10:12-14. 3. Baulo aengx bun ganh norm dorngx mbuo mangc taux ninh siouc kouv weic ninh nyei gorx-youz mbuo mv baac ninh njien-youh haic. Naaiv se hnangv diex maac siouc kouv weic ninh mbuo nyei fu’jueiv nor – 2 Ko^lin^to 12:14-15. Paul gives another reason elsewhere he suffered joyfully for his brethren: for the same reason parents joyfully suffer for their children! - 2 Corinthians 12:14-15.

  16. 4. Fu’jueiv se benx diex maac nyei mengh hoc caux njien-youh a’hneiv nyei jauv, diex maac yaac a’hneiv haic diev kouv naanc fai siouc kouv weic fu’jueiv! Children are the parents' pride and joy, and the parents will gladly sacrifice for their children! 5. Baulo biux mengh taux ninh nyei gorx-youz – 1 Te^saa^lo^ni^gaa 2:19-20; Fi^lipv^poi 4:1. So Paul viewed his brethren - 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20; Philippians 4:1

  17. 5. Baulo biux mengh taux ninh nyei gorx-youz – 1 Te^saa^lo^ni^gaa 2:19-20; Fi^lipv^poi 4:1. So Paul viewed his brethren - 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20; Philippians 4:1 D. MBUO HAIH ZUOTC BAULO NYEI NYUNGC ZOUX DUQV NYEI FAI? (DO WE IMITATE PAUL IN THIS REGARD?)

  18. 1. Maiv zeiz kungx taan taux Giduc siouc kouv weic mbuo nyei jauv hnangv, mv baac maaih hnyouv a’hneiv oix siouc kouv weic Giduc caux mbuo nyei gorx-youz duqv nyei fai?. Not only are we willing to share in the afflictions of Christ, but are we willing to suffer gladly for our brethren? 2. Mbuo duqv hnamv taux gorngv mbuo gorx-youz se benx mbuo nyei njien-youh caux mengh sing nyei fai? Do we consider our brethren as a source of great joy and pride?

  19. 3. Mbuo maaih hnyouv njien-youh nyei longc nzengc qaqv, ziangh hoc, ciev ziec nyei jauv, cuotv hanc, cuotv wuom-mueic weic fu-sux ninh mbuo nyei fai – 1 Yo^han 3:16. Are we willing to joyfully expend time, energy, even blood, sweat and tears in serving them? - 1 John 3:16 4. Mbuo haih gorngv duqv zien waac aec nyei fai?, se gorngv mbuo. Can we truthfully say yes if we: a. Maiv zoux haaix nyungc weic jiu bang dongh mbuo maaih nyei kuv ziangh hoc? Won't make the effort to assemble with them every opportunity that is available?

  20. a. Maiv zoux haaix nyungc weic jiu bang dongh mbuo maaih nyei kuv ziangh hoc? Won't make the effort to assemble with them every opportunity that is available? b. Maiv orn hnyouv bun ninh mbuo dongh ninh mbuo mau nyei ziangh hoc, fai kuinx ninh mbuo dongh ninh mbuo mingh dorngc jauv nyei jauv ziangh hoc? Won't try to encourage them when they are weak in the faith, or admonish them when they stray from the faith? c. Maiv maaih hnyouv hnamv ninh mbuo, maiv zoux hnyouv ndaauv bun ninh mbuo, liemh ninh mbuo zoux dorngc nyei sic caux zoux zuiz doix-dekc mbuo? Aren't willing to love them, to patiently endure them, to quickly forgive them, even when they offend and sin against us?

  21. II. BAULO FUNX NINH GANH SE BENX BOU YAAC BENX GOUX JAA-DINGH NYEI MIENH (PAUL CONSIDERED HIMSELF A SERVANT AND A STEWARD) A. NINH FUNX NINH GANH SE BENX DAUH NYIEMC GANH ZOUX FAIX NYEI MIENH (HIS VIEW OF HIMSELF WAS REALLY QUITE A HUMBLE ONE) 1. Zoux bieiv naaiv joux waac se gorngv ndic^aa^ko^no, eix-leiz se hnangv yietc dauh mienh ei jienv ganh mienh paaiv nyei waac zoux, nyungc zeiv se hnangv bou ei jienv ziouv paaiv nyei waac zoux nor. The word ministeris akonos, and means one who executes the commands of another, example as servant following the order of a master.

  22. 2. Dongh naaiv aqv, Baulo hnangv haaix nor biux mengh taux ninh ganh caux yietc zungv zunh doz fin-saeng zoux nyei gong – 1 Ko^lin^to 3:5-7. This is exactly how Paul viewed himself and other preachers - 1 Corinthians 3:5-7 3. Hnangv haaix nor buatc maiv fih hnangv nyei jauv, Ih hnoi nyei mienh maaih deix taaih fai funx ninh mbuo nyei zunh doz mienh gauh hlang jiex ninh mbuo nyei gorx-youz! How different from views held today by some preachers and their brethren, who exalt preachers above their brethren!

  23. 4. Maaih deix ziangh hoc, Baulo funx ninh ganh se benx: In particular, Paul considered himself a servant: a. Ko^lo^si Jiu Bang nyei bou – Ko^lo^si 1:24-25. Of the church - Colossians 1:24-25 b. Fi^lipv^poi Jiu Bang nyei bou – Fi^lipv^poi 1:1. Of Jesus Christ - Philippians 1:1 c. E^fe^so Jiu Bang nyei bou – E^fe^so 3:6-7. Of the gospel - Ephesians 3:6-7 B.BENX BOU, NINH FUNX NINH GANH SE BENX GOUX JAA-DINGH NYEI MIENH (AS A SERVANT, HE CONSIDERED HIMSELF A STEWARD)

  24. 1. Ninh duqv zipv benx goux jaa-dingh nyei mienh, Tin-Hungh bun lingc ninh. Eix-leiz se ninh zoux hnangv gunv gong nyei mienh goux Tin-Hungh nyei biauv zong mienh; lengc jeiv, se hnangv gunv goux mangc mienh nyei jaa-dingh nor. He had received a stewardship (KJV, dispensation) from God. It means the management of a household or of household affairs; specifically, the management, oversight, administration, of other's property. 2. Bungx hnyouv bun ninh zunh Yesu Giduc nyei kuv fienx! He had been entrusted with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

  25. a. Se hnangv naaiv douc Ging-Sou gorngv nor, benx gem jienv nyei kuv fienx, jiex daaih duqv ziex gitv lungh ndiev aqv. Which is called in this passage a mystery, for it had been hidden for ages. b. Ih zanc mbiangx yangh cuotv daaih bun ninh nyei cing-nzengc mienh aqv – Ko^lo^si 1:26; bun taux yietc zungv lungh ndiev mienh – Romans 16:25-26. But has now been revealed to His saints (Colossians 1:26), to all nations (Romans 16:25-26)!

  26. c. Gem jienv nyei sic se haaix nyungc? Se Giduc yiem hinc cuotv daaih nyei jauv, benx maaih lamh hnamv dorngx nyei njang-laangc – Ko^lin^to 1:27. What is this mystery? It is Christ in you, the hope of glory - Colossians 1:27 d. Baulo hnamv taux naaiv deix jauv se benx ninh nyei gong-bou, dongh ninh oix zuqc ziepc zuoqv hnyouv zoux weic taan kuv fienx bun lungh ndiev maanc mienh hiuv nyei jauv. Paul considered it his duty as a steward to faithfully share that gospel to the nations.

  27. C. WUOV NYUNGC MBUO NI HNANGV HAAIX NOR? HOW ABOUT US? 1. Mbuo funx mbuo ganh se benx bou nyei mienh nyei fai? Zien nor mbuo horpc zuqc nyei – Maako 10:42-45. Do we consider ourselves servants? We should! - Mark 10:42-45. 2. Mbuo laanh fu-sux laanh nyei fai? Mbuo horpc zuqc nyei – Gaa^laa^tie 5:13. Do we serve one another? We should! - Galatians 5:13.

  28. 3. Mbuo funx mbuo ganh benx goux kuv fienx nyei mienh nyei fai? Do we consider ourselves stewards of the gospel? a. Mbuo benx dauh bungx hnyouv duqv beu goux kuv fienx nyei mienh nyei fai? That we have been entrusted with the riches of the gospel? b. Hnangv naaic, se gorngv mbuo benx ziepc zuoqv nyei mienh nor, mbuo horpc zuqc taan kuv fienx bun mienh fai?. That to be faithful we must share them with others? 4. Zeiz fai maiv zeiz, mbuo buatc mbuo ganh se hnangv naaiv, naaiv se dongh Tin-Hungh buatc mbuo nyei jauv, caux mbuo yaac zuqc siemv taux mbuo hnangv haaix nor fu-sux benx gunv goux nyei mienh – Matv^taai 25:14-30. Whether or not WE view ourselves this way, it is how GOD views us, and we will be judged by how we have served as stewards - Matthew 25:14-30.

  29. III. BAULO FUNGX BENX YIETC NYUNGC JIENV HAIC NYEI MOUZ DEIC YIEM NINH NYEI MAENGC. PAUL HAD PRIMARILY ONE GOAL IN LIFE A.YIETC NYUNGC SE: MBUO DAUH DAUHH MIENH BENX DUNH YUNH NYEI MIENH YIEM GIDUC WHICH WAS: TO PRESENT EVERY MAN PERFECT IN CHRIST! 1. Ninh maiv zeiz kungx cuotv mingh zunh kuv fienx hnangv, ninh mingh dorh mienh sienx. He was not out just to preach, just to make converts. 2. Ninh oix maaih hlo nyei sai-gorx, dongh buangv nzengc Giduc. He wanted to make mature disciples, who had become complete in Christ

  30. B. DONGH HAIH DUQV ZOUX ZIANGX NINH NYEI MOUZ DEIC, NINH LONGC NYUNGC-NYUNGC NYEI ZA’EIX: TO ACCOMPLISH HIS GOAL, HE USED EVERY APPROPRIATE MEANS: 1. Ninh zunh Yesu Giduc! He preached Jesus Christ! 2. Ninh zunh Giduc Yesu nyei kuv fienx. He proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ 3. Ninh nyei maengc, Ninh njaaux nyei jauv, Ninh daic nyei jauv, Ninh panh nangh daaih nyei jauv. His life, His teachings, His death, His resurrection

  31. 4. Ninh yaac donv taux haaix zanc maaih kuv ziangh hoc horpc zuqc zoux nyei jauv! Ninh nyei zunh doz waac maaih deix tengx duqv mienh, maaih deix yaac tengx maiv duqv. He warned when necessary! His preaching was both positive and negative! 5. Zeiz nyei, maaih deix ziangh hoc zunh doz nyei waac maiv haih tengx maiv duqv mienh yaac maaih nyei. Yes, there is a place for negative preaching. 6. Ziepc diuh lingc; donv mienh, caux njaaux mienh nyei jauv se hnangv duqv gorngv taux yiem Ti^mo^tai 3:16. The Ten Commandments; the reproof and correction mentioned in 2 Timothy 3:16

  32. 7. Dongh tengx maiv duqv mienh nyei zunh doz waac se zoux bun mienh haiz doix-dekc taux ninh mbuo, haiz benx hepc nyei jauv bun taux ninh mbuo nyei maengc. Negative preaching serves as restraining rails on the strait and narrow path to life! 8. Zeiz nyei, horpc zuqc maaih doix-dangc nyei jauv yiem zunh doz nyei waac, oix maaih orn hnyouv nyei waac caux jienv. Of course, it must be properly balanced with positive preaching 9. M’zei aeqv, mbuo kungx nzin faaux nzin njiec nyei hnangv, maiv maaih haaix nyungc longx nyei jauv. Otherwise, we will simply bounce around and get hung up on the restraining rails, never making progress in our journey.

  33. 2. Tengx duqv mienh nyei zunh doz waac se dongh mienh haiz orn ninh nyei hnyouv, njaaux ninh mbuo, tengx ninh mbuo, naaiv nyungc zunh doz waac se benx horpc nyei jauv. Positive preaching will assure that we keep progressing on the right track! 3. Ninh njaaux duqv longx haic hnangv zunh doz nyei jauv nor. He taught as well as preached! a. Ninh maiv simv jienv wuic dorngh nyei dorngx. He did not limit himself to the public forum b. Ninh yaac njaaux yietc lengh nyei dorngx fih hnangv nyei – Gong-Zoh 20:20. He taught with private instruction as well - Acts 20:20

  34. c. Laanh laanh mienh haih duqv benx dunh yunh nyei Giduc Yesu Mienh, se qiemx zuqc maaih gorqc zeic nyei kauv hoqc jauv, maiv zeiz kungx yiem domh zuangx caux jiu baang mienh hoqc nyei jauv hnangv. To present every man perfect in Christ Jesus, there is often a need for personal instruction that one does not find in the public assemblies of the church d. Zeiz nyei, cong-mengh tengx mbuo haih dingc haaix zanc - Ko^lo^si 1:28. Of course, wisdom helps to determine when - Colossians 1:28 1. Ninh haih mbuo koi nqoi hnamv nyei jauv. It expended effort and emotion! 2. Ninh haih tengx mbuo dingc nyei mouz deic duqv zoux ziangx mingh. It labored toward our goal to complete it.

  35. 4. Baulo ninh yaac bangc Tin-Hungh yiem ninh zoux nyei gong. He depended upon God in his labors! a. Ninh zieqv duqv maiv maaih Tin-Hungh tengx nor, ninh ganh se zoux maiv cuotv haaix nyungc, caux yaac maiv haih mingh duqv ndongc haaix lauh – 1 Ko^lin^to 15:10. He realized that without God he was nothing, and could do nothing worth lasting - 1 Corinthians 15:10 b. Ninh haaix zanc yaac lorz Tin-Hungh nyei za’eix tengx ninh zoux ziangx dongh ninh dingc daaih nyei mouz deic jauv – 2 Te^saa^lo^ni^gaa 3:1; Ko^lo^si 4:3-4. So he always looked to God for help in accomplishing his goal - 2 Thessalonians 3:1; Colossians 4:3-4

  36. Setv Mueiz Nyei Waac Conclusion: Ih hnoi naaiv ginc hoqc nyei setv mueiz waac, mbuo dorh daaih longc nyei jauv se benx waac-naaic nyei jauv. In concluding this lesson, again I seek to make application by asking: 1. Mbuo zuotc Baulo nyei nyungc zoux nyei fai? Are we imitators of Paul? 2. Mbuo duqv hnamv taux fai cauh fim taux mbuo nyei gorx-youz haih duqv benx dunh yunh nyei Giduc Mienh nyei fai? Are we concerned about whether or not our brethren and others are being presented perfect in Christ? 3. Mbuo maaih hnyouv hnamv taux oix bun mbuo zoux nyei gong jangv cuotv jomc lungh ndiev nyei fai? Are we willing to expend the effort and the emotion necessary to reach this end?

  37. 4. Se gorngv mbuo oix nyei nor - If we will: a. Mangc mbuo ganh hnangv Baulo mangc ninh ganh nor, buatc ninh se benx dauh bou yaac benx dauh goux jaa-dingh nyei mienh. View our ourselves as Paul viewed himself, as servants and stewards. b. Hnamv taux mbuo oix maaih buonc siouc kouv weic mbuo nyei gorx-youz funx benx orn-lorqc nyei jauv. Consider our suffering for our brethren a great privilege and source of joy.

  38. 7. Liuz yie yaac fih hnangv nyei, oix mbuo dauh dauh maaih buonc fungx ganh taux naaiv norm mouz deic benx a’hneiv jauv hnangv Baulo nor. Then I am convinced that we gladly devote ourselves to the same goal Paul had! 8. Bun mbuo daaih jangx taux naaiv deix jauv, yaac hnamv mangc gaax mbuo hnangv haaix nor haih tengx mienh zuangv nzengc Giduc Yesu. Let's think on these things, and consider what we can be doing to present every man perfect in Christ Jesus!