Alice sut collaboration
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ALICE-SUT Collaboration. Photo taken at Sra Patum Palace. SUT is a full member of ALICE. On 13 December 2012 , there was a signing ceremony Memorandum of Understanding between SUT and ALICE. SUT-TMEC-SLRI-NECTEC Thailand 2013-18. SUT Simulation and reconstruction software

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Alice sut collaboration

Photo taken at SraPatum Palace

Sut is a full member of alice
SUT is a full member of ALICE

On 13 December 2012 , there was a signing ceremony

Memorandum of Understanding between SUT and ALICE.

Sut tmec slri nectec thailand 2013 18
SUT-TMEC-SLRI-NECTEC Thailand2013-18

  • SUT

    • Simulation and reconstruction software

    • Physics Performance

  • SLRI

    • Characterization of prototype pixel chips using 1 GeV electron beam

  • TMEC

    • Participation in microelectronics design and packaging activities


    • Tier 2 Grid site, Online-Offline operation

Sut now participation in its upgrade
SUT now participation in ITS upgrade

  • Detector Performance

    Developing Geometry (beampipeand staves) for AliRootwhich will be used in the Simulation and Reconstruction Software of the new Inner Tracking System (ITS) at ALICE"

Alice sut collaboration

Thai Microelectronics Center (TMEC) in the ALICE ITS

  • Spreading Resistance Profile (SRP) measurements are carried out on epitaxial silicon wafers are carried out at TMEC before CMOS processing.

Alice sut collaboration

NECTEC and ALICE Grid site at SUT

  • Collaborate with National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) to setup a Grid site for ALICE@SUT as part of the Thailand National

    e-Science Infrastructure


  • 336 Cores IBM x3755 M3

  • 100 TB IBM DCS 3700

Sensor characterization assembly and test
Sensor characterization, assembly and test

  • Working together with the Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI) to setup an ITS test system for the characterization of pixel sensors with laser beams, radioactive sources and test beam in Thailand

Future plan
Future Plan

  • SUT: physics analysis

  • TMEC: silicon microchannel cooling of the sensor, Thinning and dicing

  • SLRI: assembly and test the complete sensor module

  • NECTEC: WLCG GRID and online offline data treatment