1 19 2018 latest trends for website design 2018 n.
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Latest Trends for website design 2018 you should not ignore PowerPoint Presentation
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Latest Trends for website design 2018 you should not ignore

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Latest Trends for website design 2018 you should not ignore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are providing the best services for website design.

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Latest Trends for website design 2018 you should not ignore

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1 19 2018 latest trends for website design 2018







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By Concept Open Source

The online market is rapidly saturating because 70% of the

individuals are interested in buying the products online.




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Every business organization is looking for web designers that

can help them design their own website. Whereas others

want to update their platform according to the latest trends.

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With the advancement in technology the web development

trends change.



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The reason is that search engines change their rules and

regulation and in order to meet those requirements the best

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Here we have the latest trends in web design that you should

not ignore in 2018.

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variable fonts

Variable fonts

The PHP website design is common these days. It is a simple language and easy to code due

to which web developers prefer it over the other languages. However, the appearance of the

web design is simple as well. In order to make it more interactive designers are using

variable fonts.

Creative layouts

For many years the layout of the website has been kept the same because search engines

demanded it. However, recently it seems like search engines are accepting the websites that

have a creative layout. So assure that your design and layout is different from your


Rise of VR in web design

The virtual reality technology is rapidly becoming famous and it is now utilized in every field

of life. Make sure that you implement the VR design on your website that will give your

customers the 360 degrees view because you never know your customers might have been

using the VR headset to access the websites.

voice user interfaces

Voice user interfaces

One of the most important things that you should add to your website design is the

voice user interface.

Stats have shown that customers are more attracted to the website that has voice user

interface They think that the sites where they can talk to the owner are more

trustworthy You can add services like live chat or video chat on your platform for

specified hours to enhance the credibility of your business.

Ethical design

It is important that your website is ethically designed and it should convey the message of

your company or business. There are many online stores that add extra colors and highlights

in their stores. You should know that customers look for the website that has been decently


Power of Storytelling

Do not forget to learn the power of storytelling. When you are developing the website assure

to add highly interactive content on it. You can add the story that is related to your products

because that is the best way to should your customers that how your business will resolve

their issues.

Bottom line

In order to assure that your website is properly developed and updated it is important that

you select a professional website design company. There are many development companies

working out there but only a few of them have the skills that you need. Concept open source

is the best web design company that has been working in this field for many years. They

have the team of experts that understand the requirements of web development according to

the business. It is an affordable website design company that will meet your demands

in the most effective way.