your vacation at the sandbanks n.
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Your Vacation at the Sandbanks PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Vacation at the Sandbanks

Your Vacation at the Sandbanks

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Your Vacation at the Sandbanks

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  1. Your Vacation at the Sandbanks

  2. Sandbanks is the largest sand dune in the entire world. It boasts three beaches, namely, the Outlet Beach, Sanbanks Beach, and Dunes Beach --- all of them keeping up with the pride and beauty of Prince Edwards County. All year round, the beaches pride themselves with the golden sands and sparkling water.

  3. Aside from swimming and the lure of sunbathing, it is also best for windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, and boating; and when there is enough snow on winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are among the favorite activities. It is also the home of the bay mouth sand bars and coastal sand dune systems in the province. And beyond its bewitching water attractions, it is also a luscious haven of vegetations and wildlife.

  4. The Sandbank is just one of the countless attractions in Prince Edward County. Coming to the county is one experience you’ll never forget and would never grow tired of. A day at the County is not enough to bask your self of all the glory of nature endowed to the region --- and The Wayfarer Beach House is just the place for you.

  5. During the day, the hosts are around to help you with your accommodations, day trip plans, and other needs. They are open to weekly and nightly reservations, too. So when vacationing at Prince Edward County, choose the accommodation that embraces and soothes your mind and spirit.The Wayfarer Beach House is your home away from home. Contact Us for your inquiries and reservationsSource: