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Insurance Overview

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Insurance Overview. Introduction. The Insurance team is responsible for handling insurance CLAIMS: Total Loss Repairs (Physical Damage) GAP Credit Life. What should a Servicing associate do with an insurance call?.

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  • The Insurance team is responsible for handling insurance CLAIMS:

Total Loss

Repairs (Physical Damage)


Credit Life

what should a servicing associate do with an insurance call
What should a Servicing associate do with an insurance call?
  • The Servicing associate must process the PTIN (Potential Insurance activity code) to notify the Insurance team of the account.
  • After processing the PTIN activity code, if further information is needed, the call can be transferred to the Insurance Team via My Supervisor.
what is ptin
What is PTIN??
  • PTIN-Potential Insurance Activity Code.
  • It’s an activity code to flag an account when an insurance claim is involved.
    • Total Loss Claim
    • Repairs (Physical Damage)
  • The PTIN is a mirror queue, so once the PTIN activity code is processed the account will reside in 2 locations until the claim has been verified.
    • The original Servicing list
    • List 3091 PTIN-Potential Insurance Activity Code.
needed information for ptin
Needed Information for PTIN
  • Insurance Company Name
  • Insurance Phone Number
  • Insurance Contact
  • Insurance Claim Number
  • Insurance Policy Number
  • Unit Location (Company name, address & phone number)
proof of insurance
Proof of Insurance
  • DO NOT transfer calls regarding Proof of Insurance to the Insurance Team OR advise the customer to fax the information to Account Services Unit.
  • Fax to Van Wagenen: 1- 855-889-6113
  • Toll Free Number: 1-800-562-6143
  • Hours of Operation are:

Monday through Friday: 7 am – 9 pm CST

Saturday: 7am - 4pm CST

total loss claim common questions
Total Loss Claim-Common Questions
  • My insurance company advised me not to continue making payments or my vehicle is a total loss and I don’t have to make any more payments.
    • Customer must continue to make regular monthly payments until the Insurance check is posted.
  • I thought my insurance company is paying off the vehicle and why do I still have a balance left?
    • Insurance company is ONLY paying the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicle.
    • Customer is still responsible for deficiency balance if it’s not paid in full by insurance company (ies).
total loss claim common questions1
Total Loss Claim-Common Questions
  • Why is my account still being reported to credit bureaus?
    • Account will continue to be reported to credit bureaus until it’s paid in full.
  • I thought GAP was going to payoff my account.
    • Not all GAP policy is 100%.
    • GAP will not cover any:
      • Late Payments
      • Missed Payments
      • Deferments
      • Due Date Changes
repair claim common questions
Repair Claim - Common Questions
  • I received an insurance repair check from my insurance company, what do I need to do with it?
      • Endorse the check and forward the insurance company’s estimate and/or the body shop invoice :
        • to the following address:

Santander Consumer USA

Attn: Accounting

5201 Rufe Snow Dr. Suite 400

North Richland Hills, TX 76180-6036

        • Fax documents to:


repair claim common questions1
Repair Claim-Common Questions
  • Are you going to endorse the check and send it back to me right away?
    • NO: SCUSA will not endorse the insurance check and/or mail it to body shop UNTIL proof of repairs is provided.
  • Can the repair check be applied as regular payments.
    • NO
    • All insurance proceeds will be applied towards principal balance only.
repair claim common questions2
Repair Claim-Common Questions
  • How long does it take for the shop to be paid?
    • It all depends on the promptness of the customer/repair shop.
  • How long does it take to get my insurance proceed back to body shop?
    • As soon as the Repair associate receives all documentation they can have the repair check endorsed and sent via UPS overnight delivery the same day
  • Can I bring up check to SCUSA to get it endorsed?
    • NO, for security purposes that’s not allowed.
repair claim common questions3
Repair Claim-Common Questions
  • Do I need to continue making payments?
    • YES: The account will continue to report to the credit bureau as normal.
    • Collection activity will resume as normal to reduce delinquency.
    • In most cases, the check will not be released if the account is past due.
insurance contacts
Insurance Contacts
  • Insurance Managers
    • Carlo Tolentino
      • 817-605-5372
    • Claudia Flanagan
      • 817-605-4830
    • Sandra Kay Kirkpatrick
      • 817-605-4932
  • Insurance Numbers
    • 1-800-215-6922 option 2
    • Extension= 8164
  • Email
    • @Loss Mit: Total Loss/Repairs/Gap
  • Fax
    • Total Loss = 214-540-5553
    • Repairs = 214-540-5692
If there is any doubt whether or not an account has or is an insurance claim, please transfer the call to the

Insurance Department!

Thank you!

Insurance Department