High quality affordable fertility care
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High Quality Affordable Fertility Care. Call us: 877-475-BABY 719-475-2229 www.RMFCfertility.com. How many IVF Treatments does it take to make an OHB? ( One Healthy Baby ). Of course we do NOT know for sure, but the law of averages suggest* If you (female) are less than 35 years old

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High quality affordable fertility care

High Quality AffordableFertility Care

High quality affordable fertility care

Call us: 877-475-BABY


How many ivf treatments does it take to make an ohb one healthy baby
How many IVF Treatments does it take to make an OHB? (One Healthy Baby)

  • Of course we do NOT know for sure, but the law of averages suggest*

    • If you (female) are less than 35 years old

      • 1 to 2.2 cycles of IVF

    • If you are older than 35 years old and less than 40

      • Figure at least 2 cycles of IVF, possibly 3 or more

  • AT our HQA Fertility Centers we created a way to help you budget for more than one cycle see fees below:

* Of course you must have eggs and sperm that function

Where to find us east or west usa
Where to find us –East or West USA

  • We use the Mississippi as a landmark to help you get the High Quality Affordable Fertility Care™ you deserve.

    • East of Mississippi – CNY Fertility www.cnyfertiltiy.com

    • West of Mississippi – RMFC Fertiltiy Center www.RMFCfertility.com

    • Or simply call us 877-475BABY (2229) and we will be glad to help

  • Also, Medical Tourism patients, please contact us, we are sure our 5 Star HQA Fertility Care will provide you with an alternative to traveling outside the America for your care…

    • GO USA!!

High quality affordable care
High Quality AFFORDABLE Care

Call us:



Discounts on medication

  • RMFC is working with the major pharmaceutical corporations to reduce the costs of medications for IVF

  • Medication costs, IN THE PAST, represented only 25% of the total costs for IVF, now with our HQA IVF PRICE REDUCTION, medications are over half (50%) of the total cost for IVF… wow… these meds have been around for over 40 years!

  • So RMFC has teamed with international pharmaceutical companies to reduce the fees by 25 to 80%

  • Here is what you do… we will help you… simply fill out an application and usually within 1 week, we will know if you have 20, 30, 50 even up to 80% off the costs of the fertility medications…

  • That’s it… we’re glad to help!

Call us: 877-475-BABY


Compassionate corps

  • RMFC fought long and hard to be able to serve our troops in their need to create One Healthy Baby!

  • Today, we have teamed with Serono pharmacies to create Compassionate Corps… a program that provides up to two IVF cycle’s worth of medications at no cost to our injured troops.

  • Of course there are limitations, but it is up to Dr. Magarelli to determine if a your injuries could impact your fertility. There a many ways that this may happen… we will work diligently to get you as much help as possible. Just Ask.

Call us: 877-475-BABY


3 rd party reproduction
3rd Party Reproduction

  • What is 3rd Party reproduction?

    • In essence, we provide either the sperm, eggs, embryos, uterus to help couples create an OHB!

    • So it is called Donor Egg, or Donor Sperm, or Donor Embryo, or Gestational Carriers(sometimes referred to as Surrogates)

  • How do we do 3rd Party reproduction in our HQA Fertility Centers

    • We use an Agency

      • Our First choice is An Eggceptional Match™

        • They are a Colorado Family company

        • The Owners have been in the business of providing 3rd Party Care for over __________ years

        • They are personable, professional, compassionate folks

        • I, my staff AND by patients really like working with them!

    • How do they meet our HQA standard?

      • They have reduced the fees for their services by ___%!!

        • This is a first in the industry!

An Eggceptional Match is located in colorful Colorado.


  • OHB… you hear Dr Mag say this all the time, our goal is One Healthy Baby!

  • Can anyone “make” you get pregnant, of course not.

  • Why are some programs on the internet reporting pregnancy rates in excess of 50%, while the national reporting and certification programs only reporting average of < 40% success with IVF

    • Well, the short answer is SELECTION!

      • Any program can make their data look like their outcomes are great by two methods

        • Select what you tell people

        • Select who you will treat.

    • Believe me, it is very disheartening to folks to see these discrepancies and yet even on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website it specifies that comparisons between IVF programs based on outcome is NOT a function of the reported numbers… but we do it anyway.

    • So, what are you to do?

      • Be sure your IVF program reports to the CDC

      • Be sure they are inspected by CAP and the FDA

      • Be sure that they have a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist in their program

      • Ask about the technologies that they use, IVF, ICSI, Assisted hatching, Embryo Biopsy, Vitrification… these require a high level of sophistication

      • If possible, ask if they have a Ph.D. in charge of the lab… not required but certainly a good sign

  • Finally, medicine is the relationship between you and the clinical team… how do they TREAT you…as a person or as a statistic… this is what matters.

Call us:



Onco fertility cancer patients
Onco-fertility – Cancer Patients

Call us: 877-475-BABY


The desire to create family is inherent in being human and does not go away because of any form of disease

Egg banking
Egg Banking

Call us: 877-475-BABY


Catholic services
Catholic Services

  • Snowflake

    • A Christian organization, dedicated to finding homes for abandoned embryos, has chosen RMFC to be their resource for these patients

      • Age is not a barrier for Embryo Adoption, please tell your patients

  • Egg Freezing

    • Many Catholic couples are concerned about the creation of “excess’ embryos that may or may not be used

      • RMFC has created and tested an Egg Freezing Vitrification program for preservation of eggs

        • Eggs maybe preserved for cancer patients (Onco-fertility – we are currently working with Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers to be available 24/7 for all oncology patients that want to preserve the ability to create One Healthy Baby.

        • Eggs may also be preserved for our female military patients

          • RMFC has created the Family Egg Bank for just such a situation

Call us: 877-475-BABY


Snowflake services
Snowflake Services**

  • Snowflake and RMFC have now joined together to help find wonderful homes and parents for embryos that are in storage.

Call us: 877-475-BABY


Other services
Other Services

  • Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS)

    • RMFC has available Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening for patients with genetic and chromosomal disorders

      • CCS can eliminate embryos that have these disorders and remove these genetic disorders from the family tree by not transferring them

        • This improves outcomes (2 to 30 times, as high as 80% success per IVF cycle!) for our standard IVF patients

        • This eliminates the transmission of genetic defects

        • This allows Family Balancing (males for families that have only girls, and females to families that have only boys)

  • Onco-Fertility – Freezing Eggs and Sperm for fertility preservation in Cancer patients

  • Egg Freezing – Freezing Eggs for women that would like to preserve their fertility

    • Soldiers

    • Professional Women

    • Cancer patients (see above)

    • Age related issues

Call us: 877-475-BABY


Other resources for patients and staff
Other Resources for Patients and Staff

  • www.RMFCfertility.com

  • info@RMFCfertility.com

  • Free Fertility Seminars – call 877-475-2229 or

    • Call 719-475-2229 to RSVP

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  • Call us: 877-475-BABY