welcome to mrs camp s 5 th grade class n.
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Welcome to mrs. Camp’s 5 th grade class PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to mrs. Camp’s 5 th grade class

Welcome to mrs. Camp’s 5 th grade class

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Welcome to mrs. Camp’s 5 th grade class

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  1. Welcome to mrs. Camp’s 5th grade class J.C. Magill Elementary School 2013-2014

  2. Let me introduce myself… • I am a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Universty of Georgia with a degree in Early Childhood Education. • I have been married to my husband, Anthony, for a year now and we live in Loganville with our dog Lacey. • Art is my passion, which is why I am so excited to work at Magill, a school that supports art integration. • My email is • You can access our class website at, or you can find it through the school's staff page:

  3. My vision for the classroom & the students • Art & creativity • Classroom community/being a family at school • Positive reinforcement & praise • Incorporating literature/books into content areas • Connections between each subject • Using technology to learn • An engaging, risk-free environment • Teamwork, self-motivation, and good character • Class Constitution & Bill of Rights • Camp Cash/behavior plan

  4. expectations • Please see email about new homework policy. • Friday folders need to be signed and returned on Monday. • I am available for contact via email, the school phone (770) 554-1030, or a note in your child's agenda. Please have your child show me the note if there is something I need to see. • Absences- students will make up all missed work and will have one day for each day absent to get work back in for grades. Please send in a note of explanation the day the child returns so we can determine if the absence is excused. • School hours are 8:50-3:20. Parents must escort children into the building after 8:50 to sign in. Checkouts before 12:00 will be considered an absence. No checkouts after 2:35.

  5. Promotion requirements • In order to leave 5th Grade and move up to Middle School... • Meet or exceed the Mathematics portion of the CRCT • Meet or exceed the Reading portion of the CRCT • A score of 800 meets expectations, while a score of 850 exceeds expectations • Students must also pass the 5th Grade State of Georgia writing test • Students must show proficiency of the 5th Grade AKS (Gwinnett County Academic Knowledge and Skills aligned with the Common Core) to be promoted to 6th grade

  6. What we’ll be learning this year (curriculum) • MATH • Order of operations, Decimals/operations, Fractions/operations, Geometry/coordinate plane, 2D figures, Volume/Measurement • SOCIAL STUDIES • Civil war, Reconstruction, Turn of the century, WWI, Great depression, WWII, Cold war, America since 1975, Personal finance • SCIENCE • Classification, Cells, Learned vs. Inherited traits, Harmful/beneficial microorganisms, Earth's surface, Sum of parts, Matter, Physical/chemical changes, Electricity/magnetism • LITERACY • Inferencing, Theme, Compare/contrast, Main idea, Figurative language, Vocabulary, Point of view, Critical thinking, Research, Evidence, Comprehension, Word study, Opinion writing, Narrative writing, Discussion

  7. grading • Progress Reports are sent home every 9 weeks. • Grades can be checked in the Parent Portal. • Grading Scales: • A= 90 and above • B= 80-89 • C= 74-79 • D= 70-73 • U= 69 and under • Special areas, effort, health, & conduct • E= Excellent (95%) • S= Satisfactory (85%) • N= Needs to Improve (70%) • U= Unsatisfactory(60%) • Special Scores: • ABS = Absent • EXC= Excused (exempt) • IP= In Progress (exempt) • NTI = Not Turned In

  8. CLUBS • Jump Rope • Running • Page Turners • Student Ambassador • Student Council • Library Crew • Broadcast

  9. Ways to be involved & help your child • Join the PTA and attend PTA functions. • 100% PTA Membership is our goal! • Check the school and class website • Discuss your child’s school day. • Read to and with your child. • Provide a quiet time and place for homework. • Review work in Friday folders. • Share any concerns, questions, or information with the teacher to help better meet the needs of the student. • Attend Early Release Conferences to discuss your child’s progress. (Sept. and Feb.) • Volunteers and visits are welcome-schedule a time with the Parent Center Coordinator, Mrs. Douse-Chatters, in the Parent Center.

  10. Paperwork & other misc. information • Please make sure to pick up a copy of the AKS handout and make sure to sign it! • Upcoming events: • August 29th: Parent volunteer orientation • August 30th: Gwinnett Braves Back to School Night • September 2nd: Labor Day (Holiday) • September 16th-18th: COGAT Testing • September 25th& 26th: Early Release/Parent Conferences • October 21st-35th: ITBS Testing • Thank you for coming & I look forward to speaking with you soon!