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Presentation Title (24 point Arial; color = white). Section Title (12 point Arial; color = white). Membership Basics Laurie McIntosh, SPHR November 18, 2010. Membership Basics. SHRM Terms State Membership Director Responsibilities 2011 Membership Growth and Retention Goals Resources.

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Presentation title 24 point arial color white

Presentation Title (24 point Arial; color = white)

Section Title (12 point Arial; color = white)

Membership Basics Laurie McIntosh, SPHR November 18, 2010

Membership Basics

  • SHRM Terms

  • State Membership Director Responsibilities

  • 2011 Membership Growth and Retention Goals

  • Resources

Shrm terms
SHRM Terms

  • At-Large Member – member of SHRM that is not a member of a local SHRM affiliate chapter

  • Local Member Only (LMO) – member of local SHRM affiliate chapter, but not a member of SHRM

  • 100% Chapter – SHRM affiliate chapter comprised of only SHRM members

  • Non-100% Chapter – SHRM affiliate chapter comprised of SHRM members and LMO’s

  • Satellite Chapter – Extension of chapter which allows a small group of members to meet in either separate or combined meetings. This partnership may be used due when distance is a factor.

Shrm terms1
SHRM Terms

  • Chapter Financial Support Payment (CFSP) – SHRM returns a portion of SHRM membership dues to chapters based on number of SHRM members coded to the chapter

  • Multi-member – member of SHRM that maintains membership in multiple SHRM affiliate chapters. Primary chapter affiliation is with another SHRM affiliate chapter. A chapter would receive credit for chapter affiliation purposes for multi-members but not for CFSP.

  • Primary member– multi-member that designates one chapter as their primary chapter (this chapter receives CFSP)

  • Volunteer Leader Resource Center (VLRC) – section of SHRM website consisting of variety of resources for volunteer leaders

SHRM Terms

  • SHRM Affiliate Program For Excellence (SHAPE) - comprised of planning workbook and on-line year-end report. Outlines requirements to measure chapter/state alignment and engagement with SHRM’s overall objectives. Ensures a stronger connection with SHRM from a business perspective. Membership initiative required.

    • Deadlines:

      • Chapters – 1/31

      • State Councils – 3/31

  • Chapter Achievement Plan (CAP) – replaced by SHAPE for Chapters in 2010

  • State Council Achievement Plan (SCAP) – replaced by SHAPE for State Councils in 2010

State Membership Director Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership to chapter membership directors in all areas of membership responsibility

  • Assure chapter membership directors have access to resources for membership recruitment and retention

  • Track and report to state council statewide and chapter membership growth and other relevant membership data

  • Actively engage chapter membership directors through forums (i.e. conference calls, meetings) to discuss membership issues and share successful recruiting/retention practices

  • Serve as resource for chapters struggling to meet minimum standards in SHRM membership

  • Engage SHRM at-large members in the state and create awareness of chapters

2011 Membership Goals

  • 2011 Membership Growth Goal

  • 3 % increase

  • in SHRM membership

  • over 12/31/10

  • Membership Retention Goal

  • New for 2011

  • 80%

Membership Star/Superstar Recognition Program

  • Based on growth of professional SHRM members primarily

  • coded to the chapter in the SHRM database

  • Does not include:

    • student SHRM members

    • multi-members

    • expired SHRM members

    • SHRM members that are members of your chapter, but

    • are not appropriately coded to the chapter

Membership Star/Superstar Recognition Program

  • 2010 Updates

  • Recognition for Chapters and State Councils for achievement

  • 0 – 2.9% Growth

  • 3% - 5.9% Growth

  • Star: 6% - 9.9% Growth

  • Superstar: 10+% Growth

  • Growth over 12/31 SHRM membership

Membership Star/Superstar Recognition Program

  • 2011 Program

  • Star: 6% - 9.9% Growth

  • Superstar: 10+% Growth

  • Growth over 12/31 SHRM membership

Calculating Retention Rate

  • Retention Rate – Number of members that renew divided by number of members eligible to renew

  • Example

  • As of 12/31/09, 100 members eligible to renew; 80

  • of these members actually renewed (80 divided by 100)

  • equals a retention rate of 80%

  • Do NOT include new members, only current members. New members are noted in the acquisition number.

Calculating Retention Rate

If a ‘grace period’ is included for a member to renew after membership has already expired, be sure to include in retention calculation members who renew during the grace period


60-day grace period for members to renew; membership expires 12/31/09; member who renews 2/28/09 counts as a retained member


Volunteer Leader Resource Center

Let’s take a look


SHRM In-Chapter Monthly Membership Report


Quarterly Scorecard


  • Mailing Addresses of SHRM At-Large Members

  • One-time use only

  • Electronic file

  • Mailed/e-mailed upon request

  • Statewide list available to state councils

  • At-large members in chapter’s zip-code range available to chapters

  • To request:

  • Online order form in the VLRC

  • Send copy of communication piece

    • Include “affiliate of” SHRM logo

  • Contact your Regional Administrator


  • E-mail Communication with At-Large Members via SHRM

  • Available to state councils, 100% chapters and Super Mega chapters

  • You provide the text (no graphics or attachments), SHRM does the e-blast

  • Guidelines available on VLRC

  • State Council At-large E-blasts

  • Two per quarter to encourage chapter membership and/or promote awareness of the state council’s existence & activities

  • On-line request form and guidelines available on VLRC

  • Five (5) business day waiting period for e-blast requests. Per the CAN-SPAM agreement, the request has to be made online using the online request form. Follow up with formatted Word version to assist in appropriate formatting.


  • Brochures

    • SHRM Membership Benefits Brochure

    • “What’s in it for Me” Brochure - Compares value of belonging to both a local chapter and SHRM

    • “What’s in it for Your Organization” Brochure

    • Request through Regional Administrator

  • Regional Team

    • Field Services Director

    • Regional Administrator