Non pedagogical staff evaluation
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Non-Pedagogical Staff Evaluation. Non-Pedagogical Staff Evaluation. Non-Pedagogical Staff Member: Mrs. G Position: Social Worker Building location: South Orange and Maplewood School District Date of Hire: 2/1/1999 Date of Evaluation: 3/8/12

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Non pedagogical staff evaluation1
Non-Pedagogical Staff Evaluation

  • Non-Pedagogical Staff Member: Mrs. G

  • Position: Social Worker

  • Building location: South Orange and Maplewood School District

  • Date of Hire: 2/1/1999

  • Date of Evaluation: 3/8/12

  • Ten or twelve month employee? 10 month

  • Name of Evaluator Marc Gold

Description of position
Description of Position

  • A social worker works with a diverse group of individuals who have been socially excluded or who are experiencing crisis. Their role is to offer support to facilitate service users to help themselves. They maintain professional relationships with service users, acting as guides, advocates or critical friends.

  • Social workers work in an assortment of settings within a framework of applicable legislation and procedures, supporting individuals, families and groups within the community. Settings may include the service users' home, schools, hospitals and the premises of other public sector and voluntary organizations. They also work closely with other health and social care staff.

Is license or certification is required
Is License or Certification is Required?

  • License Social Worker (LSW). 1982

  • License Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). 2006

Areas of strengths
Areas of Strengths

Observation Material

  • Allows an intern to add to the agenda items, which demonstrates respect amongst professionals.

  • Provided a real-life scenario of a situation that occurred within our school.

  • Providing review sessions of how to take the LSCW standardized assessment and collaborating on answers is a great way for these interns to prepare for their licensure exam.

  • Discussed test questions to prepare interns for upcoming LSCW standardized assessment and provided insight of why an experienced social worker would choose a particular answer. Also, hinted at key words in the questions that will help the interns identify the correct answers.

Areas of strengths1
Areas of Strengths

Observation Material

  • Shows transformational leadership by allowing the interns the freedom on selecting individuals they would like to work with. The interns were beginning to sound like and doing things that the mentor would be doing her self.

  • WOW! Tremendous advice between cumulative files and private notes. The cumulative files are subjected to be subpoena or viewed by the legal guardians. If there is anything that is incriminating against you that you did not report, the social worker could be liable.

  • Document everything! Write down reference numbers of every DYFS call so that you can refer back to a prior call. Mandated that interns must keep call logs so that Mrs. G can state whether or not the legal guardian was contacted.

Areas of strengths2
Areas of Strengths

Observation Material

  • Organization and preparing in advance is a key to great social worker cumulative files. The mentor has a clear understanding of how important organization and preparing is, but it is easier said then done.

  • Provided additional resources (an article on Bowen Theory) for interns to learn more about particular theories and situations.

Areas to grow
Areas to Grow

Observation Material

  • Why wasn’t the filing system already setup a few years ago?

  • At Mrs. G own admission she needs to grow and improve in the area of organization skills.

  • Incorporate more technology into the groups. Some of the forms that students and interns need to fill out could be completed on the computer. This will allow students to contribute their own words on these documents, even for students who have difficulty with hand writing and spelling.


Observation Material

  • Not sure about this legal issue, but in the future is it possible to have some of these interns’ experience a conversation regarding a DYFS case?

  • It is possible that you could have recommended to the interns that police are not allowed to review a students file, unless they have a warrant to view the file.

  • Is it possible that you could have created the exit client case plan with your interns? Different clients, different concerns, different termination? Could this case plan be emailed so that it could be differentiated?

Non pedagogical staff evaluation2
Non-Pedagogical Staff Evaluation

  • Signed Non-Pedagogical Staff Evaluation