new species in the foja mountains indonesia n.
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New Species in the Foja Mountains, Indonesia

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New Species in the Foja Mountains, Indonesia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Species in the Foja Mountains, Indonesia. By Karman Schad. What?.

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When scientists where exploring an Indonesian forest they came across some new species of animals, including a tiny Wallaby, a Pinocchio-Nosed Frog, and a Bent-Toed gecko with yellow eyes. Other animals where a tree Mouse, a Woolly Rat, an Imperial Pigeon, and a new kind of Blossom Bat



When the species where found scientists the scientists where exploring in 2008, however they released all the details on May 22,2009.



The species where found in a remote forest in the Foja Mountains, the Foja Mountains are a large undisturbed wilderness on the island of New Guinea, Indonesia.



An international group of scientists including Bruce Beehler, a Conservation International member


Why I chose this Article

I chose this article because the picture of the silly looking frog caught

My eye. I wanted to know what kinds of new animals had been found

And also where, I wanted to know more so I Looked it up, I was surprised at the number of animals found and I Thought it was really cool. It also said some points about global warming, and I wanted to read more.