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Brave New World. Aldous Huxley. The Who. Bernard Marx- Alpha male who does not fit in because he is physically different from his caste. John the Savage- The only major character to be born and raised outside the World’s State

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Brave new world

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley

The who
The Who

  • Bernard Marx- Alpha male who does not fit in because he is physically different from his caste.

  • John the Savage- The only major character to be born and raised outside the World’s State

  • Lenina Crowne- Worker in hatchery and conditioning center. She is only capable of relating to others through intimate relations.

  • Linda- John’s mother. She became pregnant while on a trip outside the World’s State. Never returned

  • Helmholtz Watson- An Alpha, and lecturer. Friends with Bernard because both find disfavor with the World's State

  • The Director (Tomakin)- John’s father. The Director administrates the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Center.

  • Mustapha Mond- The Resident World Controller of Western Europe. In charge of exiling people.

The what
The What

  • Opens in the Central London Hatching and Conditioning Center.

  • Lenina and Bernard go on a trip to the Savage Reservation in New Mexico.

  • Bernard and Lenina meet John the savage, who is the son of Linda.

  • Bernard brings both Linda and John back to the World’s State.

  • Lenina becomes obsessed with John, and John finds himself attracted to her as well.

  • Bernard's social standing rises then plummets.

  • John continues to become more and more unhappy.

  • Linda dies, John is outraged, and he tries to start a Soma Rebellion, but a riot starts.

  • John, Bernard and Helmholtz are arrested for the riot. Bernard and Helmholtz are exiled to islands. John leaves the World’s State and moves into a lighthouse, where he whips himself regularly.

  • The media finds John, and an orgy ensues after John whips himself for the cameras.

  • John wakes the next morning. He is ashamed at himself for participating in the orgy.

  • John Hangs himself, completely removing himself from the horrible world.

The where
The Where

  • Set in England, in the year of 2540 A.D.

  • 632 years “After Ford,” meaning 632 years after the production of the first Model T car.

Lets make a baby
Lets Make A Baby

  • Bokanovsky Process-which involves shocking an egg so that it divides to form up to 96 identical embryos, which then develop into 96 identical human beings. The Alpha and Beta embryos never undergo this dividing process, which can weaken the embryos.

  • Podsnap Technique- speeds up the ripening process of eggs within a single ovary. With this method, hundreds of related individuals can be produced from the ova and sperm of the same man and woman within 2 years. The average production rate using Podsnap’s Technique is 11,000 brothers and sisters in 150 batches of identical twins.

  • Conditioning- training that happens in the embryonic stage. Training for their future career and caste.

Brave new world


The new world order
The New World Order

  • Alpha – Future World Leaders and intellectuals

  • Beta- Public service workers, Lenina Crowne is a beta. Of normal intelligence.

  • Gamma, Delta, Epsilon-

  • All Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon fetuses go through the Bokanovsky process and thousands of clones are created from one fetus. Work the simplest jobs . Factory workers.

Themes symbols ideas
Themes, Symbols, Ideas

  • The use of technology to control society

  • Removal of free will

  • The All-powerful state

  • An over-drugged society

  • Alienation

  • Relationships

  • Soma

Wonder drug
Wonder Drug?

  • Soma- drug given to make one feel happy

  • The drug soma is a symbol of the use of instant gratification to control the World State’s lower classes. It is also a symbol of the powerful influence of science and technology on society.

  • Soma distribution can be compared to what in our culture?

What is the world coming to
What is the World Coming to?

  • Name 3 differences between the Society Aldous Huxley created and the world we live in.

  • Name 3 things that are very similar.

  • What are your feelings on these similarities and differences?

Further discussion
Further Discussion

  • Could our society ever get to this point? Why or why not?

  • What role did Shakespeare play in this novel? Support your answer

  • "Community, Stability, Identity”, is the World’s State motto. Do you believe this is true? Why or why not?

  • Is this Society an Utopia or a dystopia? Explain and support your answer

Your homework
Your Homework

  • Write three short passages. These will be written in journal entry format.

  • Choose the journal of John the Savage, Bernard Marx, or Lenina Crowne

  • Your journal entries must explain and analyze specific events in the story. The voice must authentic and the character's thoughts must fit their personality.


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