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Ramona Sansoni

Ramona Sansoni

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Ramona Sansoni

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  1. Ramona Sansoni

  2. Body rolling is a technique which helps in making your body flexible and maintaining your body in a proper shape irrespective of your age. Ramona Sansoniis a well reputed body rolling instructor at Yamuna. She is the best instructor in Australia for this technique. This technique helps each and every part of your body to work efficiently. Stretching is the main principle of this technique. It is being said that when you become stiffer as you grow older; mobility is lost and one is not able to perform various tasks as he/she used to do earlier. Ramona Sansoni believes that everyone has the right to be fit and active including old people.

  3. She had worked very hard in order to get certified in this field. For the number of years she had done yoga to increase her flexibility because body rolling technique requires a lot of flexibility. This technique is best for the relaxation of those body parts which are very stiff and tight and stiffness acts as an obstacle for achieving many postures. Ramona Sansoni is also a nationally certified massage therapist by National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She had also worked as a massage therapist for a couple of years in USA. She was always attracted towards healing arts and it has been her passion to indulge herself in this field. Massage therapy was the first and the foremost step for her to enter in this field.

  4. She always wanted to help people in order to get a more healthy and fit body. An inner counselor program was also completed by her from University of Santa Monica .She had also done a ten month course in Philadelphia, USA and for this she had shifted from New York to Philadelphia. She is a very kind hearted personality and love to help people in every possible manner she can. She just wants everybody in this world to be fit and healthy and a healthy body leads to active mind. Ramona Sansoni is an ideal for many people and there are many people who want to become like her and help humanity.

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