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Most crucial guidelines for designing your business website

Follow these simple steps and make sure you make a perfect website to promote your business online like never before!

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Most crucial guidelines for designing your business website

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  1. Not tested on browser No Proof Reading Colour Schemes SEO Spam Getting Visitors Load of Information Involvement of Many people Updating Most crucial guidelines for designing your business website

  2. Not tested on browser There are many different browsers for surfing web sites like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. All these browsers show your HTML pages little differently. It may not be a very big difference, but can change the design of your site and even show some images and texts of your page in the wrong place of your page. So always, make it a point to test your page in each browser before floating it on web.

  3. No Proof Reading If you failed to proofread the pages and text of the website then it can create problem sometimes. There can be spelling and grammar mistakes in your pages and thus sometimes you might unknowingly distract the visitors from your website. Always do the necessary proof reading after finishing the website’s content writing procedures.

  4. Colour Schemes • Using different colours in your website is good thing. You can use colours to differentiate visited link and non- visited link. However, using of too much of colour will make your website look gaudy. Use predefined colour schemes or design templates or bunch of colours as per your requirement.

  5. SEO Spam • Never design your website to look like something that it is not. Many times people tend to make their websites more attractive by false banners and advertisements. In addition, writing the website content with keywords dumped in it repeatedly (keyword stuffing) is a bad technique. Using such strategies may get your website banned.

  6. Getting Visitors • Many people believe that once you design your website and put up on the web, their online marketing part is done. Well, it is partially true. You will have to promote your website, once it is on the web so that people get to know about it and then they will visit your site and speak about the same to their friends, relatives and only then will your website get some real audience.

  7. Load of Information Some website gives you loads of information. Even more then you want to know. Read your website carefully and make sure that all details you write is easy to search and easy to understand for normal readers of the page.

  8. Involvement of Many people Do not set up a team of too many people for proof reading of your site because every individual might have his/her opinion for website. The more people you take, the more time it will take to produce the result and you may end up getting a much-unexpected result.

  9. Updating Do not forget to check your website every month and ensure that the information provided is accurate. If needed update the content on regular basis. If your website is providing with obsolete information, then you are sure to lose the new as well as the regular visitors of your website.

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