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software risk management PowerPoint Presentation
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software risk management

software risk management

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software risk management

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  1. GRC Developing an all-encompassing, enterprise-wide risk management framework using BrinqaGRC starts with determining threats and vulnerabilities through failed control tests, process issues and policy violations; it continues with the risk classification of an asset, which determines probability and business impact. Risk mitigation plans are created, executed, tracked, and audited within the GRC Platform. The automated data collectors, asset classifications and models, controls monitoring and process workflows that implement these management services are also re-usable, resulting in streamlined compliance-related activities and rapid ROI on risk management and targeted GRC initiatives.

  2. Governance Risk and Compliance BrinqaGovernance Risk and Compliance provides a pluggable set of building blocks for meeting your process governance, risk management and compliance needs. Brinqa’s solution combines a unique approach to achieving Governance Risk and Compliance goals with a robust set of capabilities to assess the maturity of your current program, define and manage improved processes, measure ROI and risk reduction, and review historical trends.

  3. Risk Assessment Brinqaprovides the following different risk assessment program : Out of the box risk assessment questionnaires with advanced question editor for customization. Pre-configured risk assessment processes resolve common issues through recommended remediation plans. Workflow based risk assessment processes automate data collection leveraging Brinqa’s connector framework. Threat and Risk Assessment module implements Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment methodology.

  4. Software For Risk Management Software for risk management is a active strategy for minimizing the uncertainty and prospective damage connected with a challenge by offering insights to help prepared decision producing. Software for risk management is carried out regularly more than the lifetime of a program, from initiation to retirement.