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How to Back Up Mail in AOL Email Account? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Back Up Mail in AOL Email Account?

How to Back Up Mail in AOL Email Account?

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How to Back Up Mail in AOL Email Account?

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  1. How to Back Up Mail in AOL Email Account? Presented by: Contact Support Helpline

  2. AOL messages are messages viewed by AOL Inc. in the AOL web-based email service provider. AOL stands for America on Line. It is a IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocol-supported free web-based mail service provider. It supports linking other mail accounts and has unlimited capacity for email storage. AOL also supports attachments, photos, documents, etc., like other mail providers. AOL is used widely for effective mail exchange. Because it is easy to use, people are less likely to face any issues using AOL but in case users need easy help to this may obtain help from AOL Helpline number. However, problems arise when the user needs to have mail, documents, etc. backup. Backup is taken in order to secure important emails or documents so that the user can be tension-free to lose the file forever, even if it is lost. Now, nearly everything takes backup of their information as the data can be lost at any time. Backup plays a very important role for an organization. If the data is lost, the data backup is the only way their business can be restored. AOL Customer Service Number

  3. Backup of AOL Mails: Users can open the required mail directly and save the mail in PDF format to maintain the backup of important mails or documents attached in the emails. If necessary, you can take the print out later. The point to note is that all mails will be removed from the server after a period of time, so the user should be alerted.

  4. The Desktop Software also provides backup facilities, but you should close the Software in order to create the backup, i.e. the user should go offline. Follow the steps in order to backup the PFC: 1. Click the Mail menu and select Mail Settings. 2.Go to the Saved Mail menu Manage. 3.Select Save option and click "Save Now." 4.Save the file for the backup.

  5. How are the benefits of third parties? The online AOL Backup tool will help you in such situations. The AOL software provides backup for emails, chats, etc. without wasting much time. It makes it easier for the user to create the backup to multiple file formats such as; MBOX, PST, EML, etc. and later the user can export the emails to various desktop clients. This is how user can easily keep a backup of aol mails and if help to this is required you may obtain it from Yahoo Customer Service Number

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