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how to write a perfect how to write a perfect n.
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How to write a perfect persuasive essay conclusion? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to write a perfect persuasive essay conclusion?

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How to write a perfect persuasive essay conclusion?
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How to write a perfect persuasive essay conclusion?

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  1. How to write a perfect How to write a perfect persuasive essay persuasive essay conclusion conclusion

  2. Introduction

  3. Introduction ✘ Every persuasive essay proves or justifies something. ✘ In such an essay, the writers set a hypothesis in the beginning and support it with facts or statements. ✘ The main motive if the essay is to persuade the audience. In such a type of essay, the authors need to focus on the conclusion. ✘ A persuasive essay conclusion plays a major role in the entire essay. ✘ The reason is that it is the last thing the readers go through. ✘ Generally, a good persuasive essay conclusion should give an overview, employ convincing words and establish the relevance. 3

  4. Overview

  5. Through Organization ✘ The first step of writing a conclusion of a persuasive essay is to organize your through. ✘ To do so, you first need to go through the entire essay. ✘ If you feel doing so is time-consuming, you can also go through the outline of the entire essay. ✘ During this process, you should ensure isolating the key points. ✘ To make the work easier, you can highlight the key point within the essay. 5

  6. Summarizing ✘ Once you have identified the main points, you need to summarize them. ✘ The conclusion of a persuasive essay should summarize the main points discussed in the essay. ✘ The summary should be clear and concise. Moreover, it should contain the important keywords. 6

  7. No New Ideas ✘ One of the basic rules of writing any conclusionis not to include any new idea in the conclusion. ✘ If you want to add something new to the conclusion, you should edit the body add the piece of information. 7

  8. Brief ✘ The persuasive essay conclusionshould be brief so that the readers do not feel the repetitiveness of information. ✘ It should be at least 3-5 to five sentences long. ✘ The first sentence should restate the hypothesis. ✘ The next 2-3 sentences should provide the summary of the key points. The final sentences should state the final findings. 8

  9. Employ Convincing Words

  10. Parallel Sentences ✘ The parallel sentences are something that can help you write a good conclusion. ✘ These sentences convey the same meaning as the original sentence. ✘ However, they help to avoid too much writing. 10

  11. Simple and Strong Language ✘ The conclusionshould drive the key points in an assertive manner. ✘ Too much of detail is something that is not needed in a conclusion. ✘ The reason is that too many details can distract the readers. ✘ Communicate your message in the simplest manner to drive the key points. 11

  12. Do Not Be Obvious ✘ A good conclusion does not contain phrases such as “in conclusion”, “to conclude” or something similar to it. ✘ Instead, you can restate your idea in different ways to deliver the same message without obvious statements or phrases. ✘ Your conclusion can stand alone if you do not use obvious phrases. ✘ Do not worry about the readers. ✘ After reading the entire essay, the readers will understand the summary on their own. 12

  13. Establish Relevance

  14. Panning to Horizon ✘ Apart from summarizing, your conclusion should also provide the hint of using your finding in the future. ✘ The readers need to know how your finding will be helpful in the future. ✘ One way to identify the same is re-approaching the topic from a larger context. ✘ You can also employ thought-provoking questions to establish the future importance of the topic. 14

  15. Call to Action ✘ A call to action is one of the most important parts of an essay. ✘ After every essay, there should be something to which the readers can respond. ✘ One way could be to challenge the readers to do something. ✘ This will help you establish the importance of your topic. ✘ If you can connect your finding with the real world problems, you can establish the importance of your thesis. 15

  16. Picturization ✘ It is obvious that images have more power than words. ✘ People tend to remember things that they see rather than the things they read. ✘ Therefore, it is essential that you picturize your thought. ✘ You need to help the readers create a picture of how your topic relates to the real world. ✘ Such picturizationwill help the readers remember your findings for a longer time. 16

  17. Conclusion

  18. Conclusion ✘ These simple steps can help you write a persuasive essay conclusion. ✘ With a proper practice of these steps in a few essays, you will become an expert writer of such conclusions. ✘ However, if you find it difficult with the conclusion, you can get help from Uniresearchers. ✘ They can help you write not only the perfect conclusion but also the perfect essay. 18

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